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Dead by Daylight gets dedicated servers for PS4

Good news for Dead by Daylight players on PS 4! On Jan. 8 the Dead by Daylight Twitter account announced that dedicated servers have been enabled for the platform. They have also confirmed these dedicated servers for PS4 will also be coming to Xbox later but they aren’t quite ready yet. Many Xbox players are frustrated by being left out of the launch. Hopefully developer Behaviour Interactive will work just as quickly to resolve that.

Dead by Daylight players had some concerns to the news right off the bat, if responses to the announcement are to be judged. Optimization was very much a hot topic. And, again, Xbox players, we love you, but you can be a bit dramatic.

Initial responses also held very specific concerns. Players wanted to know if this announcement means the disconnect penalty will be in effect on PS4 as well. Behaviour Interactive responded quickly to let everyone know that the penalty is not live on the console yet. The Dead by Daylight team wants to first “fine-tune” the servers. Once that is done they will look into adding the new penalty system.


This announcement was very much expected. During their last Q&A livestream of 2019, Behaviour Interactive had reconfirmed that dedicated servers were coming. Gabrielle Murphy, lead community manager for Dead by Daylight, did note that they knew there was a huge issue with matchmaking. This came at the same time as the announcement that there would be no holiday event for the year, which was met with mixed-to-furious reviews by the game’s community

As many players had guessed, the holiday omission may have happened so that Behaviour Interactive’s team could spend all of their time fixing bugs and getting the servers ready. This does indeed seem to be the case, as they are now live only a couple weeks later.

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