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Dead by Daylight perks to use now that Hex: Ruin is ruined

As Dead by Daylight players know, Hex: Ruin – one of the game’s most popular perks – was recently heavily nerfed. With their favorite perk neutered, what should killers use now?

I myself never used Hex: Ruin since it was such an RNG perk. So I have had plenty of games of experience killing without it. In this article I am going to tell you about the most underrated perks in Dead by Daylight. Use these perks in your own games to get survivors to fear you again!

Save The Best For Last

This is an excellent and underrated Dead by Daylight perk. It is a teachable from Michael Myers, and rewards you for injuring survivors. This perk gives you an advantage over survivors because they do not expect the fast recovery it gives. When you get 3-5 stacks, the cooldown on hit attacks is fast. This allows you to grab survivors off hook saves and even window vaults. Catching survivors off guard can really make them mess up in a game.

Save the Best for Last can down an entire survivor team in seconds. I have had this happen multiple times. There are injured survivors all around me trying to heal up slugs. But I can hit them quickly and move onto the next survivor just as fast. It turns into a game of trading places, until I can get all four down. Just be weary of hitting your Obsession, since you will lose stacks. Remember to never kill your Obsession unless you have at least 3 stacks.

This perk excels on killers like Trapper, Spirit, and any other killer who utilizes their main attack to injure survivors. Do not use it on killers who injure through their killer powers! The biggest examples of that would be Hillbilly and Leatherface. They down survivors with their chainsaw, so they do not need this perk.

Monitor and Abuse

This is one of the Doctor’s unique perks and helps catch survivors by surprise. Monitor and Abuse reduces your Terror radius when not in chase. This allows you to sneak up on survivors. It excels on killers who already have a small Terror radius, such as Michael Myers, Hag, and Spirit.

Hillbilly also gets great use out of Monitor and Abuse because he can chainsaw across the map. This allows you to chainsaw into a survivor before they get a chance to react to your Terror radius. The only Dead by Daylight killer this perk is not useful on is Huntress, due to her lullaby which gives away her position.

Monitor and Abuse is also a perk you that allows you to play mind games with survivors. It can confuse them and lead to deadly mistakes. It makes it more difficult for survivors to find you as well. This is great for when survivors want to bodyblock for a friend, but cannot find you because your terror radius is small.


This is one of Trapper’s teachable perks and it is quite useful. Agitation increases killer movement speed when carrying a survivor, therefore reducing the time a killer is forced to waste when hooking. The killer loses any pressure they have in a game when they decide to hook, giving time to survivors to do whatever they want. Playing killer is all about time management so any perk that cuts down time consumption is amazing.

Another benefit of Agitation is that it can catch survivors off guard. Many survivors will try to body block hooks or flashlight-save their friends. With Agitation you will be much faster than any survivor and can get to hooks before them. As for flashlight warriors, they must get close to perform a flashlight save. This allows you to get a free hit on them after picking up a survivor. Sometimes they will be injured, so you can even get a slug out of the situation.

Make sure you do not run Iron Grasp with Agitation. Iron Grasp just lets you get to farther hooks, but it does not help you. You always want to hook survivors on the nearest hook, not the farthest, to not waste time.

However, if you need to hook survivors in the basement, then it is a great combo. There are achievements and archive objectives that require hooking some or all survivors in the basement. Iron Grasp and Agitation together let you hook survivors almost anywhere you want.


There are many useful perks in Dead by Daylight which the majority of players previously neglected in favor of Hex: Ruin. Sloppy Butcher, BBQ and Chili, and Pop Goes the Weasel are some examples. However, these perks already have high usage in the game right now. I wanted to spotlight some of the less popular perks instead.

All of the Dead by Daylightperks I mentioned are strong and I think they deserve more usage. Try them out in your own games and you will see their strength. I hope this has helped you out and good luck out there in the fog!

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Victoria Crego

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