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Dead by Daylight tests leaver penalty, announces Blood Hunt event

Yesterday Behaviour Interactive developers sat down to answer some fan-submitted questions, and announce some upcoming Dead by Daylight improvements. The stream opened with the confirmation that a new test is currently being run on the PC and Nintendo Switch platforms. This test implements a new disconnect penalty feature which would prevent players who frequently disconnect from queuing up for a set amount of time. This is a change that has been desperately needed for a very long time. Disconnecting out of spite has been a rampant issue in Dead by Daylight since it first launched. The adjacent issues – of some players being penalized for unintentional crashes and disconnections – is something the studio hopes to address in the future. The test event runs from Dec. 17, to Dec. 19 at 11 AM ET.

Dead by Daylight lead community manager Gabrielle Murphy also addressed the current issues with matchmaking times. She explained that they are attempting to temporarily ease the issue over the holidays by tweaking some back-end values. More permanent solutions will be on the way once their team returns from their break. If you have been playing the game lately, you are probably well aware of how long the wait times can get. This can be incredibly frustrating. It is great to know they are trying their best to resolve the issue.

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The Blood Hunt

The Dead by Daylight improvements were not the only announcement of the stream. This is after all the time for holiday events, and Dead by Daylight is bringing one too. It is called Blood Hunt and it begins Jan. 2. This is essentially a double-XP event, during which you can earn twice as many Blood Points as normal. It comes at the perfect time for players who may have fallen behind. It takes place right at the end of the first Tomb of the Archive, so you will get a chance to catch up.

If you are going to play the game over the holidays, keep in mind that the studio will be closed from Dec. 25 to Jan. 1. Customer support will be extremely limited, so don’t expect to get help if you run into an issue. And if you have been waiting to get a deal on some of the DLCs, or to get a friend to play the game with you, now is your chance. Starting this week Dead by Daylight is adding a number of sales, and they last until early January.

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