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Friendly Killers are ruining Dead by Daylight

Friendly Killers in Dead by Daylight are a huge problem and have been for years. A friendly Killer is a player who does not participate in normal gameplay. Instead, they try to make friends with the Survivors in order to benefit themselves.

There are several reasons why players decide to be friendly, and why this is a bad thing. Despite being such a huge problem, Behaviour has done nothing to stop it. Sure, you can report players for being friendly, but I have not heard of a single player getting banned for this.

Why are there Friendly Killers?

Friendly Killers are a result of the game itself. There are daily quests players get to do specific things, for example chainsaw one Survivor as Hillbilly. If the player does these dailies, then they get Bloodpoints. These Killer-specific dailies are the cause of many friendly Killers, because players cannot choose who they get dailies for.

Somebody that mains the Nurse may get a daily for Hillbilly. Since this player does not play Hillbilly, trying to do the daily is incredibly hard. In order to get past the frustration of doing dailies in a real match, the Killer player decides to be friendly, allowing them to finish their daily with ease.

daily rituals friendly killers dead by daylight

Something that brought a huge rise to friendly Killers was the introduction of the Archive system. These archives are filled with unique objectives for players to complete, and award players with Bloodpoints. Each Archive puts a focus on one or two Killers and one or two Survivors, meaning all the objectives in the archive are catered to those characters. You need to use their unique perks, and you need to play the featured Killer.

This forces a lot of players who usually only play one or two Killers to play others they are not familiar with – which is a big deal, because playing a Killer is about practice with their power. Playing a Killer you are not familiar with when you are even in the mi-to-high ranks is a guaranteed loss, since Survivors will start to take advantage of a Killer the second they realize that the Killer is inexperienced.

In order to avoid the headache of getting bullied by Survivors every game, Killers instead play friendly to get their objectives done in one game instead of 10.

archive objective friendly killers dead by daylight

Special Bloodpoint events and the burning of lots of Bloodpoint offerings also give rise to friendly Killers. I have seen so many Killers turn friendly just because there are 4 party streamers in the game, when all the Survivors want is a real match.

Some Survivors take part in this Bloodpoint farming, making the problem worse. This makes many Survivors scared to even use their good Bloodpoint offerings, because it may make the Killer want to farm instead of actually playing the game. Or in the case of a Bloodpoint event ,some players may not play at all to avoid the friendly Killers.

I have also seen some Killers that are just bots who endlessly que up for matches. These bots are used by players themselves, they are not part of the game normally. You can tell the Killer is a bot, because they just stand in place all game, swinging their weapon. This is the worst friendly Killer to get, because you benefit the least from it. Bots are not that common, though. Behaviour have done a good job at eliminating most of them. But you still see one from time to time.

The root cause of all friendly Killers is the Bloodpoints system. Dead by Daylight is so incredibly grindy, creating this desperate need for players to get Bloodpoints. This grind gets bigger each time a new DLC is released, and honestly it is Behaviour’s fault. It takes a ridiculous amount of time for new players to even get the perks they want.

Behaviour really needs to address this problem because it does turn off a lot of new players from the game. Getting Bloodpoints as a new player is incredibly difficult, making friendly tactics seem that much more attractive for newcomers.

friendly killer dead by daylight

Why are Friendly Killers a bad thing?

For high rank Survivors who are in the purple to red ranks, a friendly Killer is bad news. This is because the higher your rank is, the more points you need in order to pip. So going against a friendly Killer can cause you to de-pip and de-rank, since you simply cannot get enough points yourself.

In matches with farming Killers, the generators get done quickly, barely giving anyone Lightbringer points. As for Altruism, this is a 50/50. Some farming Killers refuse to hook anybody because they just want their daily or Archive done. Others will hook, but they do not hook Survivors enough times to give everybody points to pip or safety pip.

Hooking is what Survivors get the most Altruism points from, so a friendly Killer refusing to hook is pretty bad for your rank. Many players work hard to maintain their rank, and losing one pip can be very damaging, just because ranking up gets harder the higher you are. Heck, if you are rank 1 you can drop down to rank 2 just for getting a single friendly Killer.

lobby screen

Falling ranks is not the only reason farming Killers are bad. There are also the long que times for people playing with friends. Imagine waiting 10 minutes when you want to play a real game of Dead by Daylight, just to get a friendly Killer. Then you and your friends have to waste 5 minutes powering up the generators to wait in another 10 minute queue.

Sometimes- and especially during events – there is no end to the friendly Killers you encounter. Game after game, you keep getting them, making playing Dead by Daylight incredibly frustrating for Survivors.

For Survivors that do not care for their rank, there is the option of straight up leaving the match. However, there is a 5 minute matchmaking ban for disconnecting from matches, and this timer increases every time you disconnect from a match, limiting your options of avoiding friendly Killers.

Why this problem needs to be fixed

Friendly Killers have been around in Dead by Daylight since the beginning. But they are getting more common as the amount of perks in the game increases. These Killers are ruining the gameplay experience for Survivors, and are bad for the game.

In my opinion, Behaviour needs to do some serious tuning with their Bloodpoint system to try and fix this issue. Think about this: the amount of Bloodpoints you can earn in one game has never been adjusted, not once since Dead by Daylight launched. Four years ago the max you could get in one game is 32,000 Bloodpoints, and that is still true today. But back then there were only 4 Survivors and 3 Killers, now there are 23 Survivors and 21 Killers.

spending bloodpoints

It is true that you can earn more than 32,000 Bloodpoints with additional offerings and perks, but it is still a laughable amount. Even if you get 150,000 Bloodpoints, that is only enough for two or three Bloodwebs depending on what you buy. Which in turn only allows you to get six perks at level 50. Keep in mind there are 158 perks in the game and each perk has three versions of it you need to buy.

That’s total of 474 perks that a player must buy. And it’s not even counting the teachable versions of perks, which require players to get each character to level 40!

You can see from the sheer numbers how hard it can be for new players to unlock content in Dead by Daylight. So far, Behaviour has not revealed any plans to adjust Bloodpoints or perks. I think if they created a different way for players to obtain perks, it would help the Bloodpoint problem, since perks are the main reason players grind for Bloodpoints.

A system like that would also allow players to focus their Bloodpoints onto offerings, items, and add-ons instead of perks, reducing players’ thirst for Bloodpoints lower, and ideally resulting in fewer friendly Killers. Of course, with the Archive and daily quests there will probably always be some form of friendly Killers in the game. Some people you just can’t fix.

Stay tuned for more Dead by Daylight articles and guides!

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Victoria Crego

Hello, I've been playing Dead by Daylight since July 2016 near when it was released. I've seen, and have been through, the changes made to it throughout the years and have done my best to help other players get introduced to the game. I created a YouTube channel to explain the complicated mechanics in Dead by Daylight, and now I am here as well to continue sharing my information with players like you! Here is my channel for a wealth of information about Dead by Daylight https://www.youtube.com/niva1agaming

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  1. Hello! Let players play however they want. The developers don’t need to bend to one side or the other, and in fact haven’t. Some players want to have a chill game, and some players want a super intense pvp experience. BOTH sides are stuck in the same league, which is the real problem.

    Friendly survivors are not playing the game wrong. They’re playing the game as intended by the devs just as much as other players. The easy fix would be to split free play off from the competitive league and then try to correct behavior from the developer’s end, IF they wanted it fixed.

    Frankly, the reason they haven’t fixed it is more than likely because the argument this continues to bring is their most effective form of free advertisement.

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