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Here is why Dead by Daylight is removing Bloodlust

Bloodlust has been an important mechanic for Killers in Dead by Daylight since its addition to the game in patch 1.5.0. So it was a surprise when Behaviour disabled Bloodlust for the weekend, to see how Killers faired without it. Some players approve of the removal of Bloodlust, while others protest it. But why would Behaviour do this? Well, this all comes down to the reason Bloodlust was created in the first place.

When Bloodlust was added in 2017, Dead by Daylight was quite different. Maps were littered with pallets everywhere, giving Survivors many safe zones. Blood Lodge was one of the worst maps with this issue, and was commonly called Pallet Town because of it. It was nearly impossible for Killers to catch anyone on that map.

Along with the abundance of pallets, there were large loops in which it took Killers entire minutes to catch up to Survivors. Due to all these issues, Behaviour implemented Bloodlust, to help Killers catch Survivors through these impossible chases.

At the time, overhauling every map would have taken too long. This problem needed a fix as soon as possible in order to keep the Dead by Daylight playerbase from losing interest. Bloodlust was a great band-aid fix for Killers who were unable to catch Survivors due to unbalanced loops. Then, over time Behaviour began the slow process of balancing maps. Below is a picture of an old double pallet loop.

old pallet loops bloodlust dead by daylight

Behaviour discretely adjusted maps throughout each patch. First came a reduction in pallet spawns by creating new rules for how they spawn. The famous jungle gyms with two pallets, and other annoying areas with double pallets, were removed. Now each area either has one pallet, or none.

Next, the developers started making pallet loops with objects to block line of sight. This increases both Survivors’ and Killers’ options for playing mind games around loops.

Finally, Behaviour decreased the size of the largest pallet loops. The biggest loop you see now is smaller than what used to be in the game. This was a good balance change, making chases a bit shorter, but still giving Survivors the opportunity to escape.

Behaviour has further improved maps by slowly reworking all the original maps in their graphics updates this year. The only realm of maps remaining to get updated is Coldwind Farms.

With the old problems no longer existing in the game, Bloodlust too has no need to exist either. In fact, Behaviour have said for a while they do not like having Bloodlust in the game, but with all the map issues they did not want to remove it yet.

We all knew Bloodlust had to be removed, we just did not know when. No one who plays Dead by Daylight can say they did not see this coming.

new loop bloodlust dead by daylight

The maps are far more balanced now, with less pallets, shorter loops, and more dead zones. I imagine that Behaviour plan to move forwards with Bloodlust’s removal once the Coldwind Farm maps get their graphics update.

Of course, there are many players upset with the idea of Bloodlust’s removal, because they have learned to rely on it to catch Survivors. However, Bloodlust was never meant to be an important tool to catch Survivors. Its only purpose was to help Killers catch a Survivor who abused a looping area.

Since the problem Bloodlust was meant to fix no longer exists, it is creating its own problems. Bloodlust can now be abused to catch Survivors, and there is nothing they can do about it. With no access to the strong loops that used to exist, Bloodlust allows Killers to tunnel Survivors easily.

Killers just do not need Bloodlust anymore to help them. It is becoming an unfair mechanic to Survivors as Dead by Daylight has more and more maps with less safe areas. Players will realize they do not need Bloodlust as much as they think. Bloodlust has served its purpose, and it is now time to rip off the band-aid.

I hope this has helped you understand why Behaviour is temporarily disabling Bloodlust to see how players react. Since this is just a test, I expect Bloodlust to stick around for a few more months. But once Coldwind Farms gets its graphics update, we may see the end of Bloodlust.

Stay tuned for more Dead by Daylight articles, and good luck out there in the fog!

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