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Here’s how Cheryl Mason from Silent Hill will play in Dead by Daylight

The next Survivor coming to Dead by Daylight is Cheryl Mason, arriving in the Silent Hill Chapter. The Killer coming with her is Pyramid Head – if you want to know what he can do, check out my analysis of his powers and  perks. Now let’s discuss Cheryl! Her three unique perks are Soul Guard, Blood Pact, and Repressed Alliance.

Soul Guard gives her the Endurance status effect for 4/6/8 seconds after being healed or having recovered from the dying state. While cursed by a hex, she can fully recover from the dying state.

I quickly want to clarify exactly what this perk does. It will grant the player the Endurance status effect whenever they are healed from the dying state to the injured state. It does not give Endurance from being healed from injured to healthy.

endurance Dead by daylight Cheryl Mason

The Endurance status effect will make it so you safely absorb the next hit that deals damage. The best thing about this effect, is that even though you do not take damage, you still get a speed boost. This allows you to potentially lose the Killer, or at least live a few minutes longer. It does not matter if the hit is a melee attack or Killer power attack.

This perk is highly specialized, as it only works if the Killer is slugging the Survivors. It’s a bit of a gamble, but if you bet right then it can save your life. Most of the time when Killers slug, the slugged Survivors recover enough so they only need a one-second heal to get up. The problem is that the Killer is usually nearby, so the injured Survivor goes back into the dying state immediately. Well, with Soul Guard equipped you can escape instead of getting farmed.

Slug Dead by Daylight Cheryl Mason

A nice bonus to Soul Guard is that if a hex perk is active, you can recover from the dying state with no help at all. It acts like Bill’s perk, Unbreakable, but with unlimited uses until the hex perk is cleansed. Soul Guard can be combined with other anti-slugging perks, such as Tenacity, but I think running that many anti-slugging perks is not helpful, since you only need one.

Next up is Blood Pact: when you or the Obsession are injured, you both see each other’s auras. After healing the Obsession or being healed by the Obsession, you both gain the Haste Status effect for 4/6/8 seconds. This perk also reduces the odds of being the Obsession, and if you are the Obsession, this perk deactivates.

Blood Pact Dead by Daylight Cheryl Mason

Blood Pact is the second Obsession perk that reduces your chances to be the Obsession instead of increasing it. This feature was just added in the last chapter, Chains of Hate. It is nice to see these new ideas being multiplied for more perk variation.

An entirely new feature here, is that the perk deactivates if you are the Obsession. This means you are running a risk at losing the effect this perk provides, since there are Killer perks that change who the Obsession is throughout the game, such as Nemesis and Furtive Chase.

Even though it deactivates for you when you are the Obsession, if another Survivor has it then they can use it on you, giving you aura reading and the Haste buff. This basically negates the fact that your Blood Pact deactivated. Keep in mind, that this only works if you teammates are running Blood Pact too.

blood pact aura

An interesting thing about Blood Pact is that you gain the Haste status effect as soon as you stop healing the Obsession. This means that you do not have to finish the heal to get Haste. This could make the perk useful in situations where the Killer suddenly spots you healing each other. While the speed boost is nice, it is nothing compared to Sprint Burst, Lithe, and Balanced Landing. This perk just feels like Aftercare combined with a weaker Sprint Burst.

Cheryl’s final perk is the most controversial, and has stirred up a lot of confusion for players. Repressed Alliance  activates after repairing generators for a total of 80/70/60 seconds. When repairing a generator while the perk is active, you can press the Active Ability button to call upon the Entity to block the generator for 30 seconds. Then the perk deactivates. Affected generators will be revealed by a white aura to all Survivors.

repressed alliance dead by daylight cheryl mason

You can see why players are confused on this one. Why would a Survivor ever want to block a generator? Many players have commented that this perk will only be used by trolls. But this perk does have a purpose, if you take the time to look into it.

There are a lot of Killer perks that focus on generators. What Repressed Alliance can do, is prevent Killers from using these perks. Right now, the most damaging generator perk is Pop Goes the Weasel. This perk allows Killers to regress one generator by 20% after hooking a Survivor. This is a huge amount of progress, so you can use Repressed Alliance on your generator if you see the Killer coming. This would prevent them from kicking the generator, and hopefully waste their Pop Goes the Weasel.

repressed alliance gen block

Other generator perks you can counter are Hex: Ruin and Surveillance. You can also just use it whenever a Killer comes, so they cannot regress the generator. Of course, this puts you in a dangerous situation, as the Killer will set their sights on you. But it is all worth it if you can distract the Killer enough for your team to finish that generator.

There you have it, Cheryl Mason’s three unique perks. I feel like these perks have had a lot of thought put into them, even if their effects aren’t exactly the best the game has ever seen. It shows that developer Behaviour are expanding perks in new ways, and hinting at what effects future perks will have. More and more perks are being introduced that counter popular perks and strategies players commonly use, creating more perk diversity and giving rise to new strategies, and that’s a good thing.

If you want to see Cheryl’s perks in action, check out my video below showcasing the Silent Hill chapter.

Pyramid Head and Cheryl Mason Explained! | Dbd News

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