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How to beat Mangled in Dead by Daylight as a Survivor

Mangled is the most popular status effect in Dead by Daylight right now. This is because it helps Killers slow down the game by making healing take 20% longer. Luckily, there are ways Dead by Daylight Survivor players can mitigate the effects of Mangled through perks and med-kits. Here is what you can do to make Mangled less of a problem.

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Best perks to counter Mangled with

By far the best perk there is to counter Mangled is Botany Knowledge. This is one of Claudette’s unique perks, and it increases healing speed and healing item efficiency by 11/22/33%. Botany Knowledge is one of three perks that can cancel out the 20% decrease from Mangled completely, and still give you a bonus to healing speed.

Survivors Mangled Botany Knowledge

The second perk that can cancel out Mangled entirely, and still allow you to heal fast is We’ll Make It. This perk grants Survivors an additional 100% speed increase while healing players for 30/60/90 seconds after they have rescued another player from a hook. The bonus cannot exceed 100%.

Due to how strong the healing increase from We’ll Make It is, the perk is not always active, but instead dependent on you getting a hook save. So you should only run We’ll Make It if you plan on going for every hook save. Otherwise run Botany Knowledge.

Survivors Mangled We'll Make It

The third perk is Leader, one of Dwight’s unique perks. Leader will increase other Survivors’ healing, sabotaging, unhooking, cleansing, opening exit gates, and chest search speeds by 15/20/25% when they are within an 8 meter range from you. Survivor players in Dead by Daylight can only be affected by one Leader effect at a time. This effect persists on other Survivors for 15 seconds after leaving the Leader’s effective perk range.

Leader is best used to increase other Survivor players’ healing speeds. This means that this perk’s downfall is that you yourself will not benefit from the increased healing speed. This limits its use to sticking around other players to help them heal, or you getting healed by others.

Survivors Mangled Leader

Perks that semi-counter Mangled

There are several other perks besides these three that can increase healing speeds. However, these perks grant smaller bonuses to healing speed, or are even more situational, which makes them unreliable. This means they not perfect counters to Mangled. However, having a small speed boost can still mean the difference between life and death. In case your options are limited, let’s see what other perks can slightly increase healing speeds.

Resilience is a base perk that grants 3/6/9% additional speed when repairing, healing, sabotaging, cleansing, vaulting, unhooking, opening the exit gates, and searching speed – but only while you are injured. The fact that it’s only active while you are injured can be a good or bad thing.

Survivors Mangled Resilience

If you are injured, and have a med-kit, then you can heal yourself faster than someone with no healing perks. But if you are healing others and are not injured, you get no healing speed bonus. The best way to use Resilience is to heal yourself up to 99% progress. That way you can utilize Resilience for longer, and if the Killer comes by, you just one-tap heal yourself to healthy.

Solidarity is one of Jane’s unique perks, and also depends on you being injured. While injured and healing a Survivor without using a med-kit, Solidarity also heals you at a 40/45/50% conversion rate. It is even possible to heal yourself to full with Solidarity by healing two injured Survivors completely.

Survivors Mangled Solidarity

Inner Strength, one of Nancy’s unique perks, has the following description: Each time you complete a totem cleanse action, Inner Strength activates. If you are already afflicted by the Broken status effect, Inner Strength does not activate. While Inner Strength is active, hiding inside a locker for 10/9/8 seconds while injured automatically heals you from injured to healthy. Inner Strength becomes deactivated as soon as it has successfully triggered.

Inner Strength allows you to heal to full regardless of what negative modifiers are applied on healing progress. This perk also heals you faster than any other perks. However, the catch is that you must cleanse a dull or hex totem to activate it. Given there are only 5 totems on the map, you have a limited amount of uses for Inner Strength. This would not be an actual problem if other Dead by Daylight Survivor players did not cleanse totems as well. Unfortunately, most of the time you can only get one or two uses out of this perk.

Survivors Mangled Inner Strength

No One Left Behind would theoretically be one of the best perks to counter Mangled. However, it is so situational that is not even worth the perk slot. This is how it works: once at least one Exit Gate is opened, you permanently gain 50/75/100% more Bloodpoints for healing and unhoking Survivors and 30/40/50% bonus action speed when healing and unhooking other Survivors, and the auras of all other Survivors are revealed to you.

The problem with No One Left Behind is that it only works when an Exit Gate is open, meaning the End Game Collapse is in effect. So at most you will only get a maximum of 4 minutes to use this perk. In most games you will be able to just leave the match when the exits are open. If someone does go down, the Killer probably has Hex: No One Escapes Death, making healing pointless until you cleanse the hex totem.

Given how situational the end game can be, and the Killer always being nearby half the time, you shouldn’t expect to get much usage out of No One Left Behind.

No One Left Behind

Using Med-kits against Mangled

Med-kits will increase your healing speeds, but they have a limited amount of uses. When Mangled is in effect, it forces you to use more charges per second to heal a Survivor to full. This means that Mangled can counter Med-kits by making them deplete faster. Still, while using a Med-kit you still heal faster than healing without one, which creates this unique situation of Med-kits and Mangled countering each other.

You can utilize add-ons to help protect your Med-kit from the effects of Mangled. One way is to use any add-ons that increase the charges on your Med-Kit. The very rare Gel Dressings adds 16 charges, the uncommon Gauze Roll adds 12, and the common Bandages adds 8.

Med-kit add-ons

Another option you have, is to use add-ons that increase healing speed, since the faster you heal with a Med-kit the less charges you consume. There are a lot to choose from, and there is even an add-on which adds charges and increases healing speed: Self Adherent Wrap. It adds 8 charges and slightly increases healing speed.

The uncommon Medical Scissors will moderately increase healing speed, making it the best add-on for healing speed. This can be combined with the common Butterfly Tape, which slightly increases healing speed, to make Med-kit healing even faster.

 Med-kit healing

Other options for increasing Med-kit healing speeds are the rare Surgical Suture and uncommon Needle and Thread. Both slightly increase healing speeds and increase the chances of skill checks. If you can hit all great skill checks, then these add-ons may be worth more than the Medical Scissors and Butterfly Tape. You can also use Nea’s unique perk, Streetwise, to prolong the duration of your Med-kit, increasing the effectiveness of these add-ons.

Play around with these add-ons yourself and find what works best for you. There are a variety of combinations you can do with them, and all can counter Mangled. You will probably want to combined an extra charge add-on with a healing speed add-on. To give you some ideas, try the Gel Dressings with the Medical Scissors, or the Gel Dressings with the Self Adherent Wrap.

Well, that is all the advice I have for you on how to counter Mangled as a Survivor player in Dead by Daylight. I hope this guide was informative, and make sure to stay tuned for my Dead by Daylight guides in the future.

If you want to know all the in and outs of how Mangled works in gruesome detail, then check out my video below.

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