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How to get everything from Dead by Daylight’s 4 year anniversary event

It is Dead by Daylight’s 4 year anniversary and it is time to celebrate. Each year the anniversary festivities have gotten better, with this year being the biggest so far. Behaviour Interactive has not only put up several community contests, but have now revealed an in-game event. Let’s take a look at how you can participate in it!

The event will run from now until July 7, and includes many unique cosmetics. Logging in during specific days while the event is up will award unique cosmetics for the Deathslinger or Claudette, as well as a unique charm. Here are the login rewards:

  • June 23-30 awards the 4th anniversary charm
  • June 23-25 awards a Deathslinger head cosmetic
  • June 25-28 awards a Claudette chest cosmetic
  • June 28-30 awards a Deathslinger gun cosmetic
  • June 30-July 7 awards the Year 4 cake charm
  • June 30-July 2 awards a Claudette head cosmetic
  • July 2-5 awards a Deathslinger chest cosmetic
  • July 5-7 awards a Claudette pants cosmetic


There are many more cosmetics to obtain besides the ones I just mentioned, which are the Golden Crowns. You see, every original character in Dead by Daylight can obtain a Golden Crown cosmetic. If you are wondering what I mean by an original character, these are the ones that are not licensed. So how can you obtain the Golden Crown?

Well, during a trial you can find these Crown Pillars throughout the map. When you walk up to one, you can interact with it. The pillar will despawn and a golden particle effect will surround your character for the entire match. It seems like only one Crown Pillar spawns at a time, but after one is used then it will respawn at another location on the map. This allows all players the chance to get the Golden Crown during a game.

Dead by Daylight 4 year anniversary crown pillar

If you escape with this particle effect as Survivor, then you will be awarded the Golden Crown on that character. As a Killer, all you have to do is finish the map – there are no kill requirements to keep the Golden Crown. To get the Golden Crown on all your characters, you must play each character in a game. So it will be a lengthy process to get it on everyone.

During the event we will also have special lobby and loading screens, and a Dead by Daylight themed happy birthday song playing in the background.

The new loading screens is something that has never been done before in Dead by Daylight. Something cool Behaviour did was include quotes from members of the dev team to replace the in-game tips. It adds quite the unique touch, and I think it is cool to read all the messages that Behaviour has for us.

4 year anniverasry loading screen

Something returning in this event are the anniversary-themed generators, hooks, and lockers. This time with year 4 they bear decorations with black and gold colors. Whenever these generators are completed, or the first time a hook is used, they will throw out some confetti along with party sounds. The lockers do not do anything special, they just look unique.

Besides these cosmetic changes, we also have new in-game items, and it is not the usual party starters. This year we now have year 4 themed Med-kits and Flashlights. Something new with these items is that they also have confetti come out of them, and emit a party sound. Flashlights release confetti and make the sound whenever the Survivor performs a Killer blind.

As for Med-kits, they release confetti and make a sound whenever completing a healing action. I think these small effects are really cool, and this is the first time Behaviour has done this. Usually we just get party starters that are themed to the event.


The final part of the anniversary event is the new offering, the Ghastly Gateau. This is a throwback to the three year anniversary offering the Gruesome Gateau. The Ghastly Gateau gives 104% bonus Bloodpoints in all categories for all players in a trial, and can stack with other Bloodpoint offerings. The Bloodpoint bonus is exactly 1% more than the Gruesome Gateau from last year, so we can assume this will increase by 1% every year.

Make sure to take advantage of the event to grab these amazing cosmetics. I would make sure to also stock up on as many of the anniversary items as possible, since these items will never be available again.

Good luck with the event and have fun celebrating Dead by Daylight’s 4 year anniversary!

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