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How to get more Dead by Daylight killer wins with Mangled

Mangled is one of many status effects that Dead by Daylight Killer players have at their disposal. Mangled can be applied to Survivors through various perks or add-ons. Its purpose is to make the game a bit easier for Killers by increasing the time it takes Survivors to heal by 20%. This helps to slow down the game and give Killers more time to sacrifice those Survivors. But how can you use it efficiently?

First of all, using Mangled depends on what Killer you are playing. Mangled is meant for Killers who deal damage primarily through their basic attacks. So you do not want to use Mangled effects if you are playing a Killer with instant down capabilities. If you put Survivors into the dying state automatically, you would be wasting a perk or add-on slot. Survivors also do not focus on healing when they are against Killers that can down them from full health.


Who you Should NOT run Mangled on

With Hillbilly, you should be downing every Survivor with your chainsaw, since attacking Survivors with a basic attack wastes more of your time. Experienced Survivors will also not heal to full against good Hillbillies, since it is a waste of time. So running Mangled on Hillbilly would be a complete waste.

His Begrimed Chain add-on is an exception, since it also makes Survivors repair generators slower, giving you more time to sacrifice Survivors during the game. Just do not waste your time equipping Sloppy Butcher – this is a big mistake I see a lot of Hillbillies make.

begrimed chain billy

What about Leatherface? He is a chainsaw Killer too. Well, he is a bit more debatable. Leatherface’s chainsaw is not as strong as Hillbilly’s. It is more difficult to chainsaw Survivors with its limited range, but you can down multiple Survivors quickly with it.

So it is up to your skills as a Leatherface. If you can down Survivors consistently with a chainsaw, do not run Mangled. If you have trouble landing those chainsaw hits, then Mangled could be a good option to stall the game.

killer mangled dead by daylight leatherface

Michael Myers is another Killer you do not want to run Mangled on, since he can apply the Exposed status effect with tier 3 Evil Within. With Exposed, it does not matter if Survivors are injured or healthy, they will always go down in one hit. Instead, try running Save the Best for Last, a perk that excels on Killers who use their basic attack frequently. Equipping faster stalking add-ons will also increase Michael Myers ability to kill Survivors.

Next we have the Plague, who you definitely do not want to run Mangled on. This is mainly because any Survivor who is sick can instantly heal to full at fountains, negating the effects of Mangled entirely. Additionally, the Plague focuses on putting the Broken status effect on Survivors, which prevents them from healing anyways, making Mangled entirely useless on her.

killer mangled dead by daylight plague

Who Mangled excels on

Pretty much every Killer excluding the ones I just mentioned can have success with Mangled. What you want to do is keep Survivors injured as much as possible. Take every opportunity to hit a Survivor, and maintain pressure by hooking or slugging Survivors. There are some Killers that work incredibly well with Mangled and gain a bigger advantage from it.

The Killer that Mangled works best on is the Legion. This is largely because of how the Legion’s Killer power works. The Legion can apply Deep Wound to multiple Survivors at a time. Any Survivor with Deep Wound must mend it off before they can try to heal themselves.

So you can see how stacking Mangled on top of this would drastically increase the time it takes for Survivors to heal. It is best to use his uncommon Defaced Smiley pin to apply Mangled, since Sloppy Butcher will only apply Mangled on basic attacks, not Feral Frenzy attacks. This means that you wouldn’t be able to apply Deep Wound and Mangled at the same time if you are running Sloppy Butcher.

legion mend

The Deathslinger is another Dead by Daylight Killer that can apply Mangled and has access to the Deep Wound status effect. You must be a bit more cautious with him, though. His add-ons that apply Mangled are very specific.

His rare Honey Locust Thorns add-on will only apply Mangled if the Survivor breaks free from the speargun, while his uncommon Rusted Spike will only apply Mangled if you hit a speared Survivor by reeling them into melee range.

If you run Sloppy Butcher, be warned: Survivors will only get Mangled if hit by a melee attack. Luckily, reeling in Survivors and hitting them does count as a melee attack. But if you just spear a Survivor, and they break free, you will not apply Mangled.

rusted spike deathslinger

Finally we have Freddy Krueger who can take full advantage of Mangled. Freddy does not have any add-ons that can apply Mangled, so you must run Sloppy Butcher to use it. The reason Mangled is strong on Freddy is because of his add-ons. Freddy has three add-ons that can reduce the healing speeds of Survivors in the dream world. These are the very rare Swing Chains, rare Jump Rope, and uncommon Outdoor Rope. By combining these add-ons with Mangled, you can make healing drastically harder for Survivors.

I quickly want to mention Huntress, because there is a huge mistake I see too many Killers make with her. If you are using Mangled with Huntress, never use Sloppy Butcher. This is because Sloppy Butcher only applies Mangled with melee attacks, which is bad for Huntress since her primary mode of damage is throwing hatchets. Instead, use her add-ons that apply Mangled, and equip a better perk in that Sloppy Butcher slot.

killer mangled dead by daylight huntress melee

Perks that go with Mangled

There are a few perks that can work great with Mangled. The first that comes to mind is Coulrophobia, one of the Clown’s unique perks. It slows down Survivors that are healing in the Killer’s terror radius. To make this perk more effective, you can run Distressing as well, increasing your terror radius. It is up to you to decide if all those perk slots are worth it. I think running Coulrophobia and Mangled is a bit overkill, but if it gets the job done it is worth it.

Another perk you can run with Mangled is Thanatophobia, one of Nurse’s unique perks. This perk will increase healing, sabotage, and repair speeds depending on how many Survivors are injured. This would allow you to slow down the game by keeping Survivors on their toes. Just be aware that Survivors who are sacrificed or killed do not count towards Thanatophobia. Getting rid of Survivors actually hurts the effectiveness of Thanatophobia.

Killer mangled dead by daylight mangled-perks

The last perk you can run with Mangled is Dying Light, one of Michael Myers’ unique perks. This perk will increase repair, healing, and sabotage speeds every time you hook a Survivor. However, the Obsession is the only one unaffected by this debuff, so it requires careful management to utilize correctly.

I hope this guide will help you take full advantage of Mangled when playing Killer in Dead by Daylight. The Mangled status effect is one of the strongest ones in the game, allowing you to create more pressure which in turn can secure sacrifices for the perfect match. If you want more details about Mangled, check out my video below that explains everything about it.

What is Mangled? | Dbd Status Effects

Good luck out there in the fog, and stay tuned for more Dead by Daylight guides!

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