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How to get the most out of the Eternal Blight Dead by Daylight event

The Eternal Blight event is now active in Dead by Daylight to celebrate Halloween. It is running from Oct. 21 to Nov. 4. Behaviour has more in store for players this year, with a lot of unexpected additions to the event. Including not only cosmetics, but brand new add-ons to add a twist to the game, as well as unique Archive objectives.

I will tell you how to get the new in game items and all the cosmetics released in this event.

New Killer add-on and how to use it

For the first time ever Killers are getting an event item – the Blight Serum – but unlike other Dead by Daylight event items, this can only be used during the Eternal Blight event. Blight Serum gives any Killer that equips it one charge of Blighted Rush. This will temporarily replace the Killer’s ability, and can be activated by pressing the ability button.

When activated, the Killer will perform a dash forwards, but cannot attack during the dash. Once used, the Killer will have access to their normal power. Every time the Killer hooks a Survivor, they gain one additional charge of Blighted Rush, with a maximum of one charge, meaning you cannot stack up charges of Blighted Rush by hooking multiple Survivors.

blight serum the Eternal Blight Dead by Daylight

The Blight Serum sounds cool, but does it offer any good use? Well, this add-on is terrible for all ability-based Killers, meaning those who rely on their ability to deal damage. For example, the Wraith who relies on cloaking throughout the game. After he hooks someone, he cannot cloak until he uses his Blighted Rush.

You should not run this add-on on Wraith, Hillbilly, Nurse, Huntress, Michael Myers, Leatherface, Spirit, Legion, Plague, Ghostface, Oni, Deathslinger, or Pyramid Head.

Blight Serum does offer some use to Killers who mainly deal damage through their basic attack, but you do not want to use it for chases. This is because if you run into any objects, it cancels your dash. Plus you cannot damage Survivors during the dash, and at the end of the dash your movement speed is reduced for a second.

Instead, you want to use Blighted Rush for map coverage. After hooking a Survivor, just rush off in a direction you want to go. This allows you to go across the map quickly so you can get into another chase. Other than that, the Blight Serum does not offer much.

blighted rush The Eternal Blight Dead by Daylight

New Survivor add-ons and how to use them

Surprisingly, we also got two (mostly) new blight-themed add-ons for Survivors. It is interesting that Behaviour are making add-ons that do unique things, instead of just copying an existing add-on and giving it a cosmetic effect. Both of these add-ons will be usable after the event, so stock up now!

The first add-on is the Broken Bulb for flashlights. This causes the flashlight to flicker, moderately increases the beam’s visual brightness, moderately increases the blindness duration, and stacks. It also makes the flashlight scarier to use, since it flickers on and off in game, making an interesting sound at the same time.

While it is a cool effect, I think this flickering hurts the add-on. It just makes aiming the flashlight a lot harder, since you cannot see the beam half the time. The Broken Bulb is a copy of the Tir Optic, so if you want its effects just run that instead.

The second add-on is the Refined Serum for the med-kit. This add-on actually has a new and unique effect that is useful. What the Refined Serum does, is require you to press the secondary action button to use it while healing. When used, the Refined Serum will moderately increase the speed of the Survivor for 20 seconds. During this time the Survivor leaves behind a blight trail.

The speed boost given by this add-on is huge. With it you could easily loop a Killer for another minute or two, or make an easy escape.

blight trail survivor Eternal Blight Dead by Daylight

New Blight-themed cosmetics

Several of the characters have gotten blight-themed cosmetics this year as expected. What was unexpected though, was a blight cosmetic for Ghostface, since he is a licensed Killer. This shows promise for getting more cosmetics on licensed characters in future events.

The other characters getting a blight-themed looks are, of course, the Blight himself, as well as the Legion and Feng Min. During the event all of these cosmetics apart from Ghostface’s will cost 9,000 Iridescent Shards. Once the event ends, these prices will jump up to the normal 21,600 Iridescent Shards.

One of the biggest disappointments in the Eternal Blight event is the inability to get full blight cosmetics for free. In previous events, the nectar players harvested from the pustula plants could be used to buy event cosmetics. But now all these plants offer are extra Bloodpoints. It seems Behaviour has listened to the players who complained about this, because they have just announced daily login bonuses for everyone. These login bonuses will give players enough Iridescent Shards to buy one full outfit:

  • Logging in from Oct. 24 – Oct. 30 will award 500 Iridescent Shards (3,000 total) and 20,000 (120,000 total) Bloodpoints every day.
  • Logging in from Oct. 30 – Nov. 1 will award 2,750 Iridescent Shards (5,500 total) and 100,000 Bloodpoints (200,000 total) every day.
  • Logging in from Nov. 1 – Nov. 4 will award 500 Iridescent Shards (1,500 total) and 50,000 Bloodpoints (150,000 total) every day.


In-game event hooks, generators, and plants

During the Eternal Blight event there will be at least one blighted hook and one blighted generator spawned in every Dead by Daylight game. The blighted hook and blighted generators will award 1,000 Bloodpoints to the player who uses them.

If players use the Pustula Petals offering, then another of each item is added. Additionally, anyone who uses this offering gets bonus Bloodpoints for using blighted hooks and blighted generators, making them award 3,000 Bloodpoints instead of 1,000. These event hooks and generators will have orange auras to let the players know that they are special.

For their part, Pustula plants are only added through Archive objectives. They do seem to be a bit buggy at the moment, interacting incorrectly with the Pustula Petals offering. I noticed you get 4,000 Bloodpoints for harvesting nectar with no offering, but if you use the Pustula Petal offering you get 3,000 Bloodpoints. Hopefully, this bug is fixed soon.


If you look in the Archive, there is a special section of Eternal Blight objectives. All of these objectives can only be completed during the event, so make sure to check them out. They award a good amount of Bloodpoints and give you some nice Dead by Daylight lore.

That said, the Killer objectives are definitely harder than those for the Survivors, so I would finish all the Survivor objectives first if I were you.

Event-limited charm codes

Behaviour is doing something else new this event: special event codes for charms. There are four charms players can get with codes only. All of these codes expire when the event ends, so make sure to act fast!

In order to redeem these codes, you must go to the in-game store. Then click “Redeem code”, which is under your player level in the top right corner. Enter the code SWEETDREAMS for the Zombie Bucket Charm, and ETERNALBLIGHT for the Blighted Jack Charm.

As for the last two charms, their codes have not been released yet. The Dwightcrow charm can only be obtained by codes given from the Fog Whisperers – or popular Dead by Daylight streamers. If you want this charm, then keep an eye on your favorite Dead by Daylight content creators for giveaways. If you do not know who to go to, here are some Fog Whisperers you can check out: Paulie Esther, The King, Cahlaflour, Morf_, Vinc3ntVega, Scorpionz, Sammymjay and StreamDad_. You can also check out the full list of Fog Whisperers.

The Dwightcrow is going to be hard to get, but as long as you actively try to get one you will be able to. There are plenty of codes to go around, you just have to be there to pick one up.

eternal blight charms

The other charm we do not have a code for yet is the Tap-o-Lantern. In order to get this charm, you must tune in to the special Twitch Rivals Dead by Daylight stream on Halloween. A special code with unlimited uses will be revealed, allowing you to unlock the charm for yourself during the stream. So no pressure getting that charm!

There you have it, everything you need to know about the Eternal Blight event in Dead by Daylight. We got new add-ons to change up gameplay and some nice way to get bonus Bloodpoints.

Overall though, this event seems less exciting compared to past events, just because of the lack of a special event currency. Players really have nothing to work for specifically during the event.

Stay tuned for more Dead by Daylight content!

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