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How to maximize your Bloodpoints in Dead by Daylight as a Killer

The coronavirus has left many people all over the world confined to their homes. Many game studios are trying to help out quarantined players, and Behaviour Interactive are no exception. They are currently holding a 1.5x Blood Rush event in Dead by Daylight, which will run until April 15, so players can have an extra reward for playing while stuck inside. So how Killer and Survivor players take full advantage of these extra Bloodpoints in Dead by Daylight?

The best way to earn Bloodpoints is by playing Killer, because Survivor points are based on how good your team and the Killer are. As a Survivor, if you get a Killer who never hits or hooks anyone, you get significantly less points. Additionally, other Survivors can take your generators, making you get less Objective points. I understand not everyone enjoys Killer, so if you want the Survivor rundown, check out my Bloodpoints guide for Survivors.

Before going into the Killers, I need to tell you about the Bloodpoint build. Be warned: the entire goal of this build is to maximize your Bloodpoint gains, not to 4k the Survivors. So try not to get frustrated if you do not 4-kill every game, because you will be making bank on those Bloodpoints! The Bloodpoint build is Hex: Thrill of the Hunt, Beast of Prey, Distressing, and BBQ and Chili.

killer bloodpoint build

Hex: Thrill of the Hunt increases the Hunting Bloodpoints you gain during the match by 10% for each totem up, for a total of 50%. This perk is available to everyone and does not need to be unlocked. Beast of Prey is one of Huntress’ unique perks and increases the Bloodpoints you get in the Hunting category by 50%. So these two perks together double the Hunting points you get, allowing you to max Hunting out easily.

Distressing is another perk available to everyone, and it increases the Bloodpoints you get in the Deviousness category by 100%. Deviousness can be a difficult category to max out depending on which Killer you play, but doubling your point gains allows you to easily max it out.

Finally, BBQ and Chili, which is Leatherface’s unique perk, has an incredible effect.

leatherface teachable

Every time you hook a Survivor you get 1 token, for a max of 4 tokens. You cannot hook the same Survivor multiple times for a token, so it must be a different Survivor each time. If you can get those 4 tokens, then all the Bloodpoints you earned during the match will be doubled. For example, in a normal game you can only get 32,000 Bloodpoints, If you have BBQ and Chili, you would get 64,000 Bloodpoints.

BBQ and Chili only multiplies off the base Bloodpoints you get, so the Blood Rush will not multiply 64,000 by 1.5. Instead, the Blood Rush would turn your regular max amount of 32,000 Bloodpoints into 48,000. Then you just add the 32,000 for BBQ and Chili to get 80,000 Bloodpoints. You can use Bloodpoint offerings to add more to your total, but these also only go off the base points you get. If you use Bloody Party Streamers or a Survivor Pudding, that adds another 32,000 for a total of 122,000 Bloodpoints!

bloodpoints Killer Dead by Daylight

Next you want to decide which Killer you want to play. Due to how each Killer has a unique power, some of them gain Deviousness points more easily than others. Each Killer also has hidden soft caps for point scoring. For example, the Huntress only gets Deviousness points for the first 6 hatchet hits. After that she will only get Deviousness for fully charged hatchet hits, which are much harder to get.

However, these soft caps are determined by the amount of times you perform the scoring event, not by how many Bloodpoints you earn. You can use the perk Distressing to cap out on Deviousness points before hitting a soft cap. These soft caps also have a role in which Killer you should play for Bloodpoints.

Surprisingly, the weakest Killer in the game, the Wraith, is the best for farming Bloodpoints. Do not run his Bloodpoint add-on “The Beast”-Soot though, because this makes it harder to get the jump on Survivors. Instead use uncloaking speed add-ons or add-ons to increase the Wraith’s speed while cloaked. All you have to do is uncloak on Survivors and hit them, and you will quickly max out your Deviousness.

The Wraith also gets Deviousness points for following Survivors while cloaked, but significantly less. Make sure to go for hooks when you can to get BBQ and Chili tokens. Just try to make sure no one dies on their first hook, because that severely limits your Sacrifice points. Ideally you want to hook each Survivor 2-3 times.

build bloodpoints killer dead by daylight

If you do not mind a chainsaw, Hillbilly is a good choice for farming points. He has great mobility and access to the Speed Limiter add-on, which gives you 50% more Bloodpoints for chainsaw hit scoring events. Pair this with Distressing and you cap out on Deviousness in no time. When playing Hillbilly, it is important to watch your Brutality scoring as well. You may have to hit Survivors with your basic attack to max Brutality.

Another Killer that is good for maxing your points is the Legion. This is mostly because the Legion can see the location of other Survivors when using Feral Frenzy, allowing the Legion to quickly max out their points. Distressing makes finding Survivors a lot easier and combos well with their power. Feel free to use add-ons to increase the Legion’s power.

legion feral frenzy

Armed with this knowledge, there are only a few more things to do to max your Bloodpoints gains as a Killer. You need to watch your scoring events during a game. When you max out a category, the game will tell you it is maxed and you can no longer gain Bloodpoints in that category. Once a category is maxed, you do not have to worry about it anymore.

To max Hunting you simply must chase Survivors. You will get a lot of points for long chases, but I would focus on maxing Deviousness first. Maxing Deviousness will depend on the Killer you play, but it will be easy if you have Distressing. Without Distressing, it is much harder to max Deviousness points due to the built-in soft caps Killers have.

Maxing Brutality should be easy as well: just make sure to continuously hit Survivors. You can also break generators or pallets when you have the time for more Brutality points.

chasing for hunting

The most difficult category to max will be Sacrifice. This is because Survivors can kill themselves on the hook, or die on their second hook. In order to max Sacrifice, you have to hook each Survivor three times, which is no easy feat. To make this category less difficult, you can try using a 100%, 75%, or 50% Sacrifice Bloodpoint offering, but it is much better to use a Survivor Pudding or Bloody Party Streamers. Just know this is the one category you probably will not max out in your games.

This is everything you need to know about maximizing your Bloodpoints as a Killer in Dead by Daylight. Keep in mind you can use all these strategies even when a Blood Rush or Blood Hunt event is not in effect. You can still earn a lot just by using the Bloodpoint build and Bloodpoint offerings.

Good luck, and have fun utilizing these strategies in your own games!

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