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How to maximize your Bloodpoints in Dead by Daylight as a Survivor

Behavior Interactive has put in a special 1.5x Blood Rush event in Dead by Daylight due to the coronavirus keeping many people at home. The Blood Rush ends on April 15. So, how can you take advantage of the event as a Survivor, and get the most Bloodpoints of the Dead by Daylight Blood Rush??

To be blunt, the best way to gain Bloodpoints is by playing Killer, because earning Bloodpoints on Killer is a lot easier than Survivor. This is because Survivor Bloodpoint gains are highly dependent on the skills of other players. If the Killer never hooks or hits anyone, then Survivors will get no Altruism points. Conversely, if you get a skilled Killer who controls the game, the Survivors will get barely any points.


Additionally, if the Killer is bad at chasing, you cannot get Boldness points. Not only that, but if all the Survivors do generators before you can, you get no Objective points. Check out my Killer Bloodpoint guide if you are a Killer main or want to give Killer a chance. I understand not everyone can or wants to play Killer, so this guide will focus on helping Dead by Daylight Survivors gain those Bloodpoints during the Blood Rush event!

First, lets look at which perks can help improve your Bloodpoint gains. Prove Thyself and We’re Gonna Live Forever are the only two perks Survivors have for increasing their Bloodpoint gains. I am excluding No One Left Behind, because this perk is extremely hard to pull off because of the End Game Collapse, and the Killer perk No One Escapes Death. It is too risky to use, and not worth the effect.


Prove Thyself is one of Dwight Fairfield’s unique perks. This perk gives you 100% more Bloodpoints for co-op actions. So you want to do generators with other Survivors if you have Prove Thyself equipped. If you do that, you can maximize your Objective Bloodpoints by just doing two generators with another Survivor.

Now for We’re Gonna Live Forever, which is David King’s unique perk. This is the Survivor version of BBQ and Chili. Every time you take a protection hit or a safe hook rescue, you get a token, up to a maximum of 4 tokens. Each token will increase the Bloodpoint you are awarded by 25%. Getting 4 tokens will double the Bloodpoints you are awarded, turning 32,000 Bloodpoints into 64,000.


It is important to know that this multiplier does not stack with the Blood Rush or Bloodpoint offerings. Instead, the Blood Rush will multiply 1.5 off the base points you earned. So 32,000 will become 48,000. Then 48,000 will be added to the 32,000 you got from We’re Gonna Live Forever, giving you a total of 80,000 Bloodpoints on a perfect game. If you use an offering like the Bloody Party Streamers or Escape Cake, then another 32,000 will be added to your score, creating a total of 112,000 Bloodpoints!

With the perks covered, what else can you do as a Survivor to increase your Bloodpoints in Dead by Daylight? Well, playing in a group with 2-3 other people is incredibly helpful. By grouping up you can communicate and control how you get your Bloodpoints.

Ideally you would do a full four person pre-made. I know this is not always possible, but by being in a pre-made you can max Objective easily by always doing generators with another Survivor. Additionally you can hold off on popping the last generator, so you can get more Objective doing the two other generators on the map.


Being in a pre-made also means you can tell your friends to get hit or hooked by the Killer, Allowing you to get Altruism points for healing and unhooking. You can also coordinate, allowing Survivors who have no Altruism to save, while the Survivors with max Altruism distract the Killer or do generators.

What about Boldness? Well, for this category you need to be good at chases. You can easily max Boldness by being in a chase with the Killer and getting 5 pallet stuns. To improve your Boldness gains even more, bring a flashlight, then blind the Killer whenever they break a pallet to get Killer blind points. Just be cautious, because this can make the Killer player very angry and cause them to tunnel you.

getting chased

If you are not good at chases, you can cleanse totems, but the max you would get from that is 5,000-7,000 Bloodpoints. Not to mention that other Survivors may want to do them as well. You can also equip Jake’s unique perk Saboteur, and just Sabotage hooks. These only give 500 Bloodpoints for each hook you sabotage, so it would take a while to max out Boldness this way.

The hardest category to max out is Survival. This is because the amount of Survival points you can earn in game are minor, and dependent on the Killer. For example, you can get Survival for escaping a bear trap, but only the Trapper has bear traps. There are a few general things you get Survival points for, such as healing yourself and wiggling out of the Killer’s grasp. However, healing yourself only awards 300 Bloodpoints, and wiggling out of the Killer’s grasp awards 500 Bloodpoints.

self care heal points

You get the most Bloodpoints by escaping the trial, since it gives you 5,000 for a successful escape. This means if you are killed, then you get practically no Survival points. There is no good way to max Survival, so just always take the chance to heal yourself if possible.

If you cannot find a group to play with, then here is what you can do as a solo Survivor!

  • Always do a generator with another Survivor, never do one by yourself.
  • Go for every save you can, and make sure it is a safe save.
  • Make sure to keep an eye out for injured Survivors you can heal.
  • If you are good at being chased, get the Killer’s attention and you can max Boldness easily.
  • If you are short on Objective, try escaping through the hatch, as it will give you an additional 2,000 Objective Bloodpoints.

There you have it, everything you need to know about maximizing your Bloodpoints in Dead by Daylight as a Survivor. These strategies work the same even when a Blood Rush is not in effect. So you can always try and make some extra Bloodpoints.

I hope this guide has helped you out, and good luck getting those Bloodpoints!

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