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How to use Repressed Alliance | Dead by Daylight Guide

Dead by Daylight released their Silent Hill chapter to much fanfare back in June. Pyramid Head brought a whole new dynamic to the Killer roster, instantly becoming top-tier in the game. Cheryl Mason’s perk set also gave her some solid status as a strong support Survivor. While Soul Guard and Blood Pact have support value in a Survivor perk loadout, does Repressed Alliance have a fit or use anywhere in Dead by Daylight?

What does Repressed Alliance do?

As mentioned in the picture below, Repressed Alliance calls on The Entity to block yourself and other Survivors from working on a particular generator for 30 seconds. Repressed Alliance can be activated after repairing a generator for 80/70/60 seconds, depending on the Tier.

It seems that the intended use of the perk is to block Killers’ Pop Goes the Weasel and Hex: Ruin perks.

Dead by Daylight Repressed AllianceDead by Daylight Pop Goes The WeaselDead by Daylight Ruin

How you can use Repressed Alliance

Repressed Alliance is a tough Dead by Daylight perk to equip since it’s painfully situational. If anything, it might do more harm than good, since a Killer can narrow down other generators to target once the perk is activated. It’s possible to use it to corral other random Survivors to work on other strategic generators, but it would be a shame to waste a perk slot for something as strange as that.

On a positive side, it could be used to potentially 99% a generator so that it can be saved to pop the last two generators of the match simultaneously, or at least closely timed to each other. That requires serious coordination and to Survive With Friends.

Is Repressed Alliance a viable Survivor perk?

Not really. Sorry. Maybe if you’re a low-rank (18ish) Survivor stumbling on Killers often using the Ruin perk.

Potential perk loadout

Prove Thyself, Dead Hard (or any other exhaustion perk), Repressed Alliance, and Adrenaline

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