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Playing Killer in Dead by Daylight is tough. Survivors are slippery, and games seem to go too fast. Well, I am an experienced Killer who has played the game since release, and I have some important tips to help you!

These tips are based off of the mistakes I see Killers making all the time when I play Dead by Daylight. Too many Killers focus on trying to kill, but do not think about how to kill.

Pay attention to your generators

Contrary to what some people believe, the most important thing when playing as Killer is not your perks. It’s how you manage your generators. I am not saying that you have to prevent Survivors from doing any generators the entire game: that is simply not possible. Developers Behavior Interactive have said themselves. that they expect 3 generators to be done within the first 3-5 minutes of a game.

Nevertheless, you need to have a strategy to protect your generators. What you really need to do is look at the generator placement, then think of a plan. See if you can find generators that are close together and protect them.


This will give you an advantage when there are 1-3 generators left. The term I use to describe a situation in which all the generators are close together, is bottle-necking. Once you have chosen the generators you want Survivors working on last, go to them. Make sure no Survivors spawned there.

If a Survivor pops a generator, it is because you wanted them to. It is fine if a generator pops on the opposite side of the map. That just means the area you need to patrol just got smaller. Keep in mind, that you still need to get kills during the game. A bottleneck situation for you is useless if all four Survivors are still alive.


What will often happen, is you find Survivors in the area you want to isolate. Your next step is to chase them in this area. As a result,the area’s pallets will deplete over time, making it more dangerous for Survivors.

Another bonus is hooking Survivors in the area you want to watch. Most of the Survivors will choose to do generators far away from where you are. This ends up hurting them, because the only generators left are the ones close together.

The opposite could also happen, when all the Survivors come to save the one in peril. When the Survivors clump up, it turns the game in your favor. This is a scenario that allows you to injure all of them. If they make the wrong moves, it can quickly turn into a slugging situation, and a 4-kill for you. If you want to learn more about how dangerous bottle-necking, is check out my video below.

Choose Your Gens Wisely! | Survivor Tip #5

Choose your chases

You are the Killer: in Dead by Daylight, you are in charge of the game. If a Survivor wants to be chased, do not do it. The only reason they’d do that is because they have planned a route in mind, and a specialized perk build. They know how to waste your time, and will do it. When you ignore a Survivor like this, they will often follow you around the map. That means there is one less Survivor working on a generator. You want to find the Survivors that do not want to be chased. That is your key to victory.

This is not the only situation where you are presented with a choice. When you start chasing a Survivor, you must be thinking about what they are doing. If the Survivor is running to a safe looping area, you may want to give up chase. Examples of safe looping areas include the Killer Shack, Ironworks of Misery, and the tree with dead cows on Coldwind Farm maps.

Playing Killer is about time management and you cannot waste time. You want to catch Survivors off guard, not when they are hugging safe zones.


Find the weakest runner on a team and eliminate them first. You should always go after weaker runners instead of strong ones. Why waste two minutes to catch one Survivor, if you can catch another in 10 seconds?

This does not mean you should ignore everyone else. Make sure to still injure them, and take advantage of opportunities. Survivors are more likely to make mistakes if they think you are tunneling someone else.

Know when to hook and when to slug

Do not be afraid to slug Survivors when the situation calls for it. What I mean by that, is leaving a Survivor in the dying state instead of hooking them. It can be to your advantage to do this. Why? Well, if a Survivor has to heal up another, then they are not working on a generator. That means you are applying pressure by preventing generator progress through healing. A Survivor in the dying state needs healing immediately, because they can bleed to death. I see a lot of new Killers just hook Survivors, even if they see others around them.


How do you know when to slug? First, if you know multiple injured Survivors are around after downing one, then slug. Chances are you will get multiple downs on Survivors. If they are all healthy, it is worth it to injure them. Make sure you do not commit to a long chase because you will lose your pressure, unless the Survivors remain in the same area. There is no reason to hook if all the Survivors are clumped up.

Another good situation to slug, is if you have the Exposed status effect active. This deadly effect can win you the game if you slug all 4 Survivors. Be aware that this only works if the Survivors are clumped together. This rule also applies to Hillbilly and Leatherface, who can chainsaw Survivors. Both Killers can quickly turn the tide of a game.

Remember to never slug if you find a lone Survivor. That will cost you the game. To help you know more about when to slug, I have a video giving you two perfect examples.

To Slug or Not to Slug? That is the Question! | Dbd Killers

I hope these tips have helped you out with your Killer game in Dead by Daylight! Don’t hesitate to leave comment below if you have any questions!

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