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Is Dead by Daylight where famous killers go to die?

Dead by Daylight is the go-to video game for famous killers that headline their own movie franchises. The crossovers unite their unique lore in one gory setting. With that said, why is it that Freddy, Leatherface, and Ghost Face can’t headline their own games?

They’re the faces of some of the most iconic slasher movies of all-time. Wouldn’t that success translate to some huge video games? Is it possible that they’re not good enough to warrant big budget games? It seems that outside of Dead by Daylight, the slasher horror genre can’t seem to find its footing in the video game industry. Is Dead by Daylight where famous killers go to die when they can’t get their own video game?

Failed video games

It’s not like the slasher horror genre hasn’t tried to stake its place in video games. Some NES games tried to capitalize on the massive popularity of the genre in the mid-90’s, but gaming back then isn’t what it is now. You couldn’t capture the environment the movies had in that ancient technology. Look at the Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, and Friday the 13th games – you can’t tell me that you jumped in your seat when any of those killers popped up.

If Dead by Daylight was released in the 90’s from deadbydaylight

Even recent attempts have flopped. Does anybody remember the Saw: The Video Game from 2009? If you remember playing this game, I’m so sorry you spent your money on it. Stranger Things? Telltale (RIP in peace) couldn’t live long enough to publish its Stranger Things game and a second season of The Wolf Among Us. Instead, Stranger Things got a cute looking 8-bit video game as a companion to their show. Missed opportunity.

So far only Jason survived with his recent Friday the 13th game, but the title has a microscopic following compared to Dead by Daylight, despite having similar gameplay and receiving a lot of praise.

There isn’t enough interest

As with many things, the reasons behind this situation are simple. Just because some people love horror movies and video games to death, that doesn’t warrant an industry trend. You can be the most outspoken fan, but that means nothing if units aren’t sold. There isn’t enough room for more than Dead by Daylight on the scene.

Take FPS games or Call of Duty for example: you can have 20 new military shooters released every year and they will all make money because there’s interest. There’s a reason why Friday the 13th and Dead by Daylight aren’t thriving side by side.

You don’t see revivals for the iconic slashers as video games, so the silver lining is that Dead By Daylight welcomes them in as the hub for your favorite famous killers. The game is like a castoff island where the killers can roam freely to the end of their days, perpetually murdering teens and kicking generators.

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It would be nice to be proved wrong

The dream is to have diversity in the slasher horror genre of video games. There have been so many misses that you’d think the fans would be due for another win, but in reality, we should all feel blessed for having at least one quality game. Dead by Daylight’s killers are authentic, horrifying, and generally have a perk set that perfectly encapsulates their traits and habits in their respective movies or video game (see: Pyramid Head).

Hopefully support and updates come to this game for the very long term, or there’s a genre-defining challenger that can finally push the slasher horror genre to compete with some of the more popular mainstream genres out there. Dead by Daylight may be where famous movie killers go to die, but that shouldn’t bring you down – their on-screen careers go on in the best way currently possible.

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