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Pyramid Head is coming to Dead by Daylight, and his power is insane

Pyramid Head, a Killer that nobody saw coming is making his grand entrance into Dead by Daylight. This iconic Killer brings the thrills and chills of the Silent Hill franchise into the realm of the Entity, and many players are excited for Pyramid Head. While it is amazing to have him in the game, does he bring anything good to the table to make him worth playing?

Pyramid Head’s power is called Rites of Judgement, and it has multiple mechanics attached to it. It may sound complicated, but it is simple once you see it in action.

Holding down the Killer power button will trigger Rites of Judgement for a maximum of 5 seconds. While Rites of Judgement is channeled, a trail of barbed wire, metal, and blood is carved on the ground behind Pyramid Head. This trail will remain on the ground for 80 seconds. If a Survivor steps on this trail, they will become tormented. The Survivor will also scream and have the Killer Instinct effect on them as long as they are on the trail.

Rites of Judgement Pyramid Head Dead by Daylight

The Torment effect is something Pyramid Head will want to keep a close eye on, since the second aspect of his power will only work on Survivors who are Tormented. You can tell if a Survivor is afflicted by Torment because they will have a barbed wire effect on their feet and profile in the bottom left corner.

When Pyramid Head puts a Tormented Survivor into the dying state, he can choose to send them immediately to a cage instead of hooking them. Just think of these cages as hooks – they work pretty much the same way with a few exceptions. When a Survivor is struggling in the cage, they will have to complete skill checks instead of spamming the struggle button.

Pyramid Head Dead by Daylight Cage

Additionally, Survivors cannot attempt to escape the cage, and hook-based perks will not trigger on Survivors saved from the cage. If the Survivor is on their death hook, then Pyramid Head can choose to instantly kill them. Remember, this only works on Survivors afflicted by Torment!

The final part of his power is Punishment of the Damned. This allows Pyramid Head to release a ranged attack in a straight line that can go through pallets, windows, and walls. It can even injure multiple Survivors at a time similar to Leatherface’s chainsaw. However, this attack does not apply Torment to Survivors, so keep that in mind when you use it.

Punishment Pyramid Head Dead by Daylight

Given all this information, I can say that Pyramid Head is a Killer I am looking forward to. His power is going to be strong in the right hands, and difficult for Survivors to counter. You may be thinking it is because of his ranged attacks that he is strong. What really makes him so strong is the fact that he does not have to hook people. He can just send them to the cage.

Why is not having to hook so valuable? Well, whenever a Killer picks up a Survivor, they instantly lose all pressure. Every Survivor knows where the Killer is and what he or she is doing the second they pick up that Survivor. This means Survivors can do whatever they want and not be punished for it. Once the Survivor gets hooked, all the Survivors will know where the Killer is, and can act accordingly.


The act of hooking can take various amounts of time, and for the Killer every second counts. By being able to instantly hook and kill Survivors, Pyramid Head can always maintain pressure. This saves Pyramid Head so much time that he can dedicate to finding other Survivors. This is something that no other Killer can do.

Just keep in mind, that you must always afflict Survivors with Torment before downing them, or you cannot take advantage of this powerful ability.

Lets talk about applying Torment – it is easier to do than you think! Pyramid Head can cast Rites of Judgement and lose no movement speed. The only restriction is the direction he can move while channeling Rites of Judgement, as he can only move side to side and cannot make sharp turns. This restriction is not that difficult to deal with, considering most Survivors will loop the same area while running from a Killer.

pyramid head judgement

Looping is exactly what Pyramid Head’s power was meant to counter. When he puts Rites of Torment trenches all over the looping area, the Survivor he is chasing has no choice but to run on it. The only way Survivors can actually survive is by continually moving to new areas. Since this can be extremely risky, survivors are faced with a difficult choice: go with the safer option of looping and get Tormented, or try to continually move to other areas of the map and risk getting downed.

Pyramid Head’s ranged attack is something to fear as well. This attack allows Pyramid Head to play safe at pallets and windows. He can launch his attack at windows or pallets a Survivor is about to use, to get free hits. This is especially effective when the Survivors are stuck in vaulting or pallet-throwing animations: these are a guaranteed free hit for Pyramid Head. Survivors will have to be cautious when running this Killer around, because many safe areas will be rendered useless.


I think Pyramid Head will be an exciting new addition to Dead by Daylight and I look forward to his release. For the first time in a long time we finally have a Killer power that does not feel underwhelming.

Keep in mind that everything is still in the testing stages, so changes to his power could happen. But as it stands now, Pyramid Head will be a top tier Dead by Daylight Killer in the right hands.

You should check out Pyramid Head’s perks for a more complete idea of his strengths. And if you are interested in the new Survivor Cheryl Mason, I got you covered there too. To see what everything looks like in game, check out my video showcasing the Silent Hill chapter below.

Pyramid Head and Cheryl Mason Explained! | Dbd News

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