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The Blight is in Dead by Daylight, and is a huge disappointment

The Blight, also known as the Alchemist, is a Killer players have wanted for years in Dead by Daylight, since he was first introduced in the lore in the Hallowed Blight event two years ago. Everyone wanted to know what happened to him, as he was a character shrouded in mystery. Now that we finally have him in the Descend Beyond chapter, can he live up to the hype?

So far the answer is a disappointing “no”, as the Blight’s power is one of the worst Killer powers we have ever seen. The Blight has 5 Rush charges, and can use them to dash forward. If he runs into a wall or object he can activate the ability again (consuming another charge), which will allow him to dash forward again, and attack during his dash. Since each activation consumes a charge, the ability lets him chain this dash up to 4 times.

the blight rush dead by daylight

As you can see, this power is essentially just a dash and nothing more. Unlike the Demogorgon and Pig, the dash cannot do any damage unless the Blight bounces off a wall first. This makes the power clunky to use and frustrating when trying to hit Survivors. No other Killer power forces you to run into objects in order to use it.

The Blight’s power is so incredibly basic, it does not seem like the kind of Killer Behaviour should be making since Dead by Daylight has been out for over 4 years.

If we look at all the Killers in the game, there are a total of 6 other Killers that have dash mechanics in their powers. They are Leatherface, Hillbilly, Demogorgon, Pig, Oni, and Legion. However, these Killers can actually do things with their dash to give them an advantage. Leatherface, Billy, and Oni can use their dash to down Survivors instantly from the healthy state. The Demogorgon can use its dash to break pallets and deal damage by closing distance quickly. The Legion can use their dash to vault windows or pallets and apply Deep Wound to Survivors. The Pig has amazing control over her dash, and can use it to mindgame Survivors at pallet loops or windows. Her dash also deals damage.

leatherface dash

I played a few games with the Blight as well as some games against him. There is absolutely nothing he can do at windows or pallet loops. He can try using Rush charges to get around loops, but from what I have seen this never works. The only way the Blight ever manages to hit anyone with his Rush is when they run in a straight line, or are stuck in hallways. Not only that, but it is difficult to aim your attack during a Rush. You have to be right on top of a Survivor to have any chance at landing a hit.

Why did Behaviour create a Killer with a dash ability who cannot deal damage on their first dash? Not only that, but why is dashing the Blight’s only ability? He was an alchemist before turning into this monster called the Blight. You would think he would have more concoctions at his disposal than the serum which allows him to dash forwards.

Many Dead by Daylight players are unhappy that they waited eagerly for the Blight, just for this Killer to be so weak and basic.

blight lethal rush attack dead by daylight

Perhaps it’s because Behaviour did such a good job on the latest Killer, Pyramid Head, that there were high hopes for the Blight. After all Pyramid Head was the first Killer in a long time that could counterplay windows and pallet loops with just his power. He is strong and players love that about him.

Hopefully Behaviour will think over the Blight’s power more before we get the final version. As it stands, he will be one of the weakest Killers in the game.

Here is how I think the Blight can be adjusted to be stronger: he should be allowed to attack Survivors on his first dash. Simple. If Legion and Pig can dash on players and injure them, then it is fair for the Blight to do be able to as well. To make up for this change, they could remove one Rush charge.

Secondly, he should be able to break pallets with his dash, but be forced into his fatigue when he does so. This will give Survivors enough time to get away from the Blight and give him more power at pallet loops. These small changes would drastically improve his Killing potential.

the blight flashlighted

Even with these adjustments, the Blight would still be a weaker Leatherface. In order to make this Killer feel different Behaviour needs to add an extra mechanic to his power. Maybe if he has another serum he can throw at Survivors to hinder them in some way?

The Blight just needs something extra to make him unique and to help him stand out from other Dead by Daylight Killers. Hopefully with the feedback from the PTB, Behaviour will make the necessary changes so players can enjoy the Blight, and not be disappointed with him.

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Victoria Crego

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