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The upcoming Dead by Daylight Doctor changes explained

Everything you need to know about the next killer rework

As we previously reported, Behaviour Interactive is working on redesigning the Doctor. The killer is considered extremely annoying to play against by the Dead by Daylight community. The developers plan to fix his Static Field by turning it into an active ability. It will be called Static Blast and have a 60-second cooldown. The Doctor will still be able to use his Shock Therapy attack to give Survivors madness. After the rework, Shock Therapy should also have a larger range than before.

But what about his stance changes? Well, both his Punishment and Treatment stances are being completely removed. As a result, the Doctor will always move at normal killer speed, which is 4.6m/s. I wouldn’t worry too much about this being his standard movement speed. The Doctor gets slowed down significantly whenever he charges Shock Therapy and Static Blast.

With these changes made to the Doctor’s base power, there will also be changes to his add-ons. His range add-ons are not going to increase the range of his Shock Therapy attack as much as they do now, and they will no longer widen the area of effect at all. The Doctor’s common add-on, Scrapped Tape, which makes his Shock Therapy a doughnut, will be completely reworked. If you are wondering about the common Interview Tape add-on, it will still keep its effect of making the Doctor’s Shock Therapy into a thin, but really long beam.

Dead by Daylight | Spark of Madness | Official Trailer

The final add-on adjustment revealed concerns the ultra-rare Iridescent King. The Exhausted effect will be removed completely from it, due to developers finding it annoying to play against. Instead, Iridescent King will apply an effect with counter-clockwise skill checks. With this announcement, we can also assume that the very rare add-on “Obedience” – Carter’s Notes will become purely a counter-clockwise skill check add-on. It is the only other Doctor add-on that applies Exhausted. That is just my speculation though, it has not been confirmed by the developers.

The Doctor is also getting an entirely new add-on. It will be an ultra-rare add-on called Iridescent Queen, and it will do something entirely new. Any time the Doctors zaps someone with Shock Therapy or Static Blast, the Survivor will acquire a charge that stays on them until they get within 4 meters of another Survivor. The other Survivor will then be zapped as if they got hit by Shock Therapy or Static Blast, and scream. This add-on sounds like a great addition to the Doctor, and I can’t wait to see how it plays out.

Dead by Daylight the Doctor changes

If you are wondering why they are adding an add-on to the Doctor, it is because of the formula they have adopted and are trying to implement for all killers. They want all killers to have 2 ultra-rare add-ons, 4 very rare add-ons, 5 rare add-ons, 5 uncommon add-ons, and 4 common add-ons. This is not how they designed Dead by Daylight killers from the start. Initially they just made around 20 add-ons with varying rarity per killer. With that in mind, who I see next in line for adjustments is one of the remaining killers without this add-on layout. That would be Hillbilly, Leatherface, or Huntress.

This is all the information we have for now, with more details coming in January. What do you think of all these changes, and which killer do you think is next up to get fine-tuned? Think about it, and as always good luck out there in the fog, and cya next time!

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