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The Macmillan Estate maps in Dead by Daylight are getting nerfed

Macmillan Estate is being nerfed in Dead by Daylight. These nerfs will completely change the chase dynamics on every map effected. Most of the changes create a more dangerous environment for Survivors, and easier chases for Killers.

Lets see what is changing for Macmillan Estate!

Ironworks of Misery

The famous Ironworks of Misery is getting nerfed. Every Killer knows this horrible building, where Survivors would retreat to if found. It caused frustration for many, and that is why it is being nerfed. Ironworks provided a safe haven for Survivors, but that is no longer the case.

Where the window used to be is now a doorway, and the window has been moved to the left of this doorway – meaning it is closer to the lockers than before, making it harder to achieve a fast vault. The props outside the window have been moved as well, to increase the danger. These props are now in front of the doorway instead.

ironworks of misery macmillan estate nerfs dead by daylight

Fortunately, we still have the pallet and treads loop, which is now placed next to the window. This makes the window good for at least one loop. However, this area will be nowhere near as strong as it was.

Suffocation Pit

Suffocation Pit only saw a minor change, and thankfully it has nothing to do with the main building. The adjustment was made where the generator spawns right next to the Suffocation Pit. This generator has always been a safe one to do, since the Killer can only approach from two directions. It did not matter which direction the Killer approached from though, because of the nearby pallet that provided safety.

Now the crates that prevented the Killer easy access to the generator have been removed, creating more open space next to the generator. The removal of these props creates a potentially large dead zone in the map as well. If the map generates without a jungle gym or pallet loop near that generator, Survivors must rely on the Suffocation Pit to escape.

suffocation pit missing props

Groaning Storehouse

Groaning Storehouse received several changes, again only to the main building. This map has been Survivor-sided since its release, and the storehouse presented a big challenge to most Killers. The storehouse can still provide safety to Survivors, but making the wrong move will easily cost them their lives.

There is a new doorway into the storehouse, placed towards the left of the generator. The addition of this doorway makes the window Survivors use to escape less effective, since it allows Killers to skip vaulting the window and take the doorway. There is still a large amount of distance though, so the Killer cannot catch up too quickly.


With this new doorway come new props, which are placed directly outside the doorway. These props can be a hindrance to both Killers and Survivors. What they do, is force players to only approach the doorway from one angle. Whether this is good or bad remains to be seen.

The safe window has had the boxes in front of it adjusted as well. The purpose of these props is to prevent Survivors from fast-vaulting the window from inside the storehouse. Behavior Interactive have removed one of the boxes, allowing Survivors and Killers to go right or left around them, instead of it being a dead end like before.


The props outside of the window have changed drastically as well. These props used to be nowhere near the window, but now they are snuggled right beside it. What they do is force Survivors to only approach the window from specific angles. Clearly, Behaviour are really thinking about Survivor-Killer chase mechanics, and doing things to control their dynamics.

Finally, one of the safe pallets within the Storehouse has been moved. It used to sit at the end of two shelves, now it is placed in the middle. While this change sounds minor, it has big implications. The pallet being moved into the middle of the shelves creates line of sight between the Survivor and Killer. Since the shelves are not very long, the pallet has now become incredibly dangerous, where it used to be safe. The shelves can block the Killer’s red stain, meaning any Survivor who camps this pallet is guaranteed to get hit. Even if a Survivor throws the pallet correctly, if the Killer cuts them off it will be of no use.

pallet_groaning_storehouse Macmillan Estate nerfed Dead by Daylight

In conclusion, there are many changes coming to maps that have been the same for years. This will seriously change up the dynamics of chasing for both Killers and Survivors.

Many other maps have also been adjusted, just not as drastically. Other maps are just getting bigger, smaller, or having their generation rules adjusted, which is why I did not cover them – the maps I discussed here are the ones being changed the most. If you want to see what these changes look like in game, check out my video below, in which I showcase everything.

Huge Map Nerfs Incoming! | Dbd News

Macmillan Estate maps are not the only ones getting nerfed in Dead by Daylight. Coldwind Farms maps will also see big changes, and luckily for you, I have prepared a full breakdown of what these changes entail.

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