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There is no Dead by Daylight holiday event and players are not happy

Earlier this week it was confirmed that there would be no holiday event for Dead by Daylight this year. That may not sound too bad on the surface, but it has many in the community pretty upset. According to Dead by Daylight lead community manager Gabrielle Murphy, going forward all events will be tied to The Archive. She noted their first attempt in this direction, which was this year’s Dead by Daylight Halloween event.

“We gave you a lot of gifts at the beginning of the month,” Murphy went on to say. “And you’ll have double Blood Points. Sadly there just won’t be any festive ambiance in the game.” There is going to be a Blood Hunt event on Jan. 2, which will indeed reward players with double blood points. However, this can hardly be considered a substitute for a proper event. By Jan 2 most if not all holidays have already concluded.

“People are mad for finally being listened to”

Dead by Daylight fans seem quite a bit unhappy with this decision to have nothing until January. “I was all for less events when they said it was due to working on dedicated servers. Here we are 3 months later than the supposed release and we are still losing events,” said John Perry, a player we spoke with. “I have lost a lot of interest in the game lately to be honest.”

Dead by Daylight meme

Dead by Daylight has been struggling with bugs and latency issues for a very long time now. Perhaps it is not quite plagued by them to the degree of other similar games, such as Friday the 13th, but the issue is still bad enough for Behavior Interactive to reduce the release of events and new content to prioritize problems. That should be a good thing, but as Perry said, some of these fixes were promised quite a while ago. There is nothing to show for them yet. And the lack of content is clearly starting to wear more and more on the community.

On the flip side, some Dead by Daylight players do not seem to mind. ”I’m okay with it. Everyone kept yelling at the developers to stop releasing content and doing new things and to just fix the bugs. That’s what they’re doing and suddenly a bunch of people are mad for finally being listened to,” said Ally Taylor, another player. “I’m sure there’s going to be great events next year, and it’s best to just have patience and let them do their jobs and get the bugs figured out.”

She is not the only one who had expressed this point of view to me, and it is understandable. The reality is, Behaviour Interactive would have probably liked to do a Dead by Daylight holiday event. Hopefully they will make up for it early next year.

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