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Top 5 Survivor perks in Dead by Daylight

With 80 Survivor perks to chose from in Dead by Daylight, how are you supposed to know where to even start? It is overwhelming as a new player to have so many options with little guidance on what to choose. This is why I will go over the top 5 Survivor perks in the game to help you out. These perks are universally strong and work great in most builds.

1. Self-Care

Self-Care is one of Claudette Morel’s teachable perks, and I highly recommend it for any Survivor. Self-Care works like this:

“Unlocks the ability to heal yourself without a healing item at 50 % the normal healing speed, and increases the efficiency of healing item self-heal by 10/15/20%.”

Self-Care has uses in a variety of situations where you are the last Survivor left or cannot find someone to heal you. Self-Care allows you to be more independent in a game and rely less on your team. Additionally, with this perk you can make more use out of any med-kits you bring to a trial. It will increase your survivability, so you can get more knowledge from every game you play.

self care Survivor perks Dead by Daylight

2. Borrowed Time

Borrowed Time is one of Bill’s unique perks and a must-have for hook saves. This is how it works:

“After unhooking a survivor within the killer’s terror radius, for 15 seconds, any damage taken that would put the unhooked survivor into the dying state will instead apply the Deep Wound status effect. The Survivor has 10/15/20 seconds to Mend themselves. If the unhooked Survivor takes ANY damage while affected by Deep Wound, or if the Deep Wound timer ends, the unhooked Survivor is immediately put into the dying state.”

What makes Borrowed Time so strong is it allows you to take a dangerous situation – a hook save – and turn it into a safe one, while also giving the unhooked Survivor a real chance at losing the Killer. Borrowed Time excels the most once an Exit Gate has been opened, since most of the time you can get the hook save and the Survivor can make it to an Exit Gate before the Killer can catch them.

Borrowed Time Survivor perks Dead by Daylight

3. Botany Knowledge

Currently many Dead by Daylight Killers use Sloppy Butcher to slow down healing, it is used practically every game. This is why I highly recommend using Botany Knowledge, which is one of Claudette’s unique perks. Botany Knowledge works like this:

“Healing speed and healing item efficiency is increased by 11/22/33%. This counters Mangled completely, since the slow from Mangled is 25%”.

Healing quickly can mean the difference between surviving and being sacrificed. Getting that crucial heal completed can buy enough time to escape, even if the Killer finds you right after finishing the heal. Plus, if you have a med-kit, Botany Knowledge helps make it last longer. When you run this perk, healing just feels so much faster.

botany knowledge Survivor perks Dead by Daylight

4. Decisive Strike

Decisive Strike is one of Laurie’s unique perks and the one that has brought Killers a lot of frustration throughout the years. This perks is a Survivor’s get-out-of-jail-free card, and even though it is not as strong as it used to be, it is still nice to have. Decisive Strike has a long description so I’m going to paraphrase it:

After you get unhooked, Decisive Strike becomes active and usable for 40/50/60 seconds. If you get picked up by the Killer during that time, then a skill check will pop up. If you hit the skill check, you will break free from the Killer’s grasp and stun the Killer for 5 seconds. You become the Obsession if you are not already.

Decisive Strike is the anti-tunnel perk. It is useless if the Killer does not chase you, but extremely useful if the Killer tunnels you. Just be picky about when you decide to use Decisive Strike. A lot of the time it is better to save Decisive Strike until you are dead on hook. That way you can give yourself one last chance. If you use after your first hook, then you do not really gain much because you are still alive.

Here is a tip for using Decisive Strike: if you think you are going to go down to the Killer, jump into a locker. This is especially useful if your Decisive Strike timer is about to run out. You would do this because the animation of the Killer pulling you out of a locker is shorter than you going into the dying state, and then getting picked up.

decisive strike

5. We’re Gonna Live Forever

Last on the list is David’s unique perk We’re Gonna Live Forever. Unlike the other Dead by Daylight Survivor perks I mentioned, this one does not increase your survivability. Instead it provides something that benefits leveling your characters. We’re Gonna Live Forever works like this:

“Each time you perform a safe hook rescue or take a hit to protect a Survivor, gain a 25% stackable bonus to all bloodpoint gains up to a maximum of 50/75/100% The bonus bloodpoints are only awarded post-trial.”

This perk greatly reduces how much Bloodpoints you have to grind as you play the game, allowing you to level your characters much faster. Over time it has become easier and easier to gain protection hits, as Behavior tweaks values to improve gameplay. You can get protection hits by getting hit before or after unhooking a Survivor. Another way to get protection hits is to get in between the Killer and the Survivor they are chasing. Any way you can think of to protect another Survivor will get you a protection hit most of the time.

We're Gonna Live Forever

These are the top 5 Survivor perks that I recommend for new Dead by Daylight players. Self-Care, Botany Knowledge and Decisive Strike will help improve your chances of survival, while Borrowed Time increases your team’s chance of survival. As for We’re Gonna Live Forever, it helps make the Bloodpoint grind more manageable for both new and experienced Survivors.

Good luck getting those perks and stay tuned for more Dead by Daylight guides!

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