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Upcoming Dead by Daylight changes nerf Coldwind Farm maps

Dead by Daylight is seeing huge changes to many of the game’s original maps. All these changes were shown on the PTB and are subject to change. Many of these adjustments on the maps have effectively nerfed them, making them much more dangerous for Survivors. Regardless, all these changes will alter how Survivors run from Killers permanently.

Thompson House

The Thompson House saw a slight reduction in size – it used to be huge – and got some extra variation. Thompson House was known for having consistent jungle gym spawns, which is no longer the case. You can now get several tree tiles where jungle gym tiles used to be. The signature corn field is still in the same place though, so do not worry about that. Where the Killer Shack and Thompson House spawn remains the same as well.

By far the biggest change is the adjustments in the Thompson House itself. This house was an incredibly dangerous area for Survivors in the past. Most would stay clear of the generator inside, which were far too risky. The second story of the house was a death trap, where the Killer could always get a guaranteed hit on a Survivor. Now Thompson House is going to be the safest place on the map, due to its new second story window.


This window allows Survivors an alternate path to escape the house. Along with this window change, Behavior Interactive have completely removed all the props in the right room and removed one box in the left room, essentially removing all potential for mind games there. Now Survivors on the second floor have to always take the window or stairs if the Killer arrives. This new window is going to be incredibly strong for Survivors, especially ones with Balanced Landing.

Rancid Abattoir

Rancid Abattoir was the second smallest map in the game. This will soon no longer be true, as it is going to be expanded. Rancid Abattoir maintains its rectangle shape, and is now just a bigger rectangle – with added tiles to create more distance between the Abattoir and jungle gyms, generators, or pallets. This increased size will make things easier for Survivors. However, there is one change that will be deadly for them.

The Rancid Abattoir itself is getting changes around the generator, metal bars, and the safe window. You know the one I am talking about – the safest window in the entire map, that allowed Survivors to kite the Killer until the gates were powered. It is now the most dangerous window in the map. With iron bars right next to it, it is now impossible to get a fast vault from the inside. It is also no longer a dead end, as many of the iron bars have been removed.

To make matters worse, there is a new doorway, so even if Survivors take the window, it will not do them much good. Smart Survivors can still utilize this window to buy themselves time, but only if they approach it from the outside. Thankfully, the other side of Abattoir remains unaltered.


Torment Creek

Torment Creek has been a 50/50 kind of map for Survivors. This is because in the broken silo there is a powerful window, but it has a chance to be boarded up half the time. Whenever this window was open, kthe Killer would have a difficult time. Survivors could run to the silo and waste the Killer’s time freely. Well, this tactic is coming to an end.

This window no longer exists, for it is now a doorway. To make up for this, there is a pallet loop next to the doorway, but it is a pitifully weak one. The loop is so short that the Killer can easily get a hit on a Survivor by walking around the hay. Additionally, the hay is stacked high, making mind games impossible. The wrong move here will end badly for the Survivor. Other than that, the rest of the map is the same as it was before.

torment_creek_doorway dead by daylight maps nerfed

Temple of Purgation

This is the only map seeing changes from the Red Forest realm. Nothing too drastic, but you should still know about it. The map is seeing a slight decrease in size, and there is also a change made to the main building’s layout. The temple no longer has a window on the second story, just a doorway. This means that Survivors should never go up there, unless they have Balanced Landing.

Another minor change to the building is a small wall at the front, which splits the main entrance in two. While this probably will not help too much in chases, it gives Survivors an option to hide. The wall is tall enough to hide crouched Survivors, but not block line of sight to the Killer- allowing Survivors to hide there and watch the Killer without being seen. There is also potential for mind games here during a chase, if the opportunity arises.


These are not the only Dead by Daylight maps getting nerfed. There are big changes coming to many of the Macmillan Estate maps too. The changes will most notably affect Ironworks of Misery and Groaning Storehouse, which are two of the strongest maps for Survivors.

If you want to see what these maps looked like on the PTB, I go into detail in the video below.

Huge Map Nerfs Incoming! | Dbd News


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