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Arctic Haze review and best perks | Destiny 2

Arctic Haze is a new Rapid-Fire Frame Auto Rifle in Destiny 2. This solar 720 RPM can get some interesting rolls, but is it worth farming for? Here are the best perks on Arctic Haze in Destiny 2.

Perks and rolls

As a Rapid-Fire Frame weapon, you want to raise range and stability as much as possible. Arrowhead Brake and Smallbore are your best options for barrel perks. In terms of magazine perks, Tactical Mag and Accurized Rounds are your best choices.

In the first column, Subsistence is one of the strongest perk choices. The ability to avoid reloading can often be overlooked. Killing Wind is also solid pick up for its buffs after kills. I would avoid picking up Outlaw, just because the base reload speed is fairly high.

In the second column, Dragonfly is the best perk. The extra AOE damage can be very effective against rank and file enemies. On paper Thresh seems like a good perk, but the extra super charge is very minimal in game. Vorpal Weapon is not worth picking up because you are rarely using your primary weapon to damage bosses and majors.


Here are the perk combinations and god rolls you should look for with Arctic Haze:

  • Subsistence + Dragonfly – This is the best feeling combo on Arctic Haze. As long as you get kills, you will rarely have to reload, and Dragonfly can also activate Subsistence.
  • Killing Wind + Unrelenting – This perk combo works well against rank and file enemies and will allow you to easily clear our Dregs and Thrall.


For the time being, Arctic Haze is not the best weapon to be running. Thresh seems fairly underwhelming for the bonus super energy. If it gets buffed, it may be a better perk. While Subsistence and Dragonfly can be a solid combo, it still gets overshadowed by weapons that can roll Rampage and Kill Clip.

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