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Biting Winds bow review and best perks | Destiny 2

Biting Winds is the new Europa destination bow that was added to Destiny 2. This red and blue nerf bow has some pretty interesting perks and strong rolls.  Here are the best perks on Biting Winds in Destiny 2.


Biting Winds is a Precision Frame, similar to Subtle Calamity from the Forsaken DLC. When it comes to bowstring and arrow perks, there aren’t any that are leagues above the others. Anything that buffs accuracy or handling makes a solid choice. If you can, avoid bowstrings and arrows that decrease stats.

In the first column, there isn’t a perk that is bad. The weakest link out of all of them would have to be No Distractions, which takes a while to activate. The new perk Surplus, which increases handling, reload speed and stability for each charged ability, is a strong choice. Rapid Hit will always be a strong perk on bows as long as you can land precision hits.

In the second column, Swashbuckler is the only damage perk available. While it is not the strongest damage perk, it can definitely hold its own in PvE. Explosive Head is also a great choice, because it adds AOE damage to your shots. The best perk to maximize range is Rangefinder.


Biting Winds is one of the best feeling bows in Destiny 2, hands down. It feels snappy and consistent, unlike most of the other bows in the game. Its great choice of perks allows it to be a solid primary in PvE. Bows are still fairly underwhelming in PvP, but Biting Winds is capable of holding its own.

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