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Bonechiller shotgun review and best perks | Destiny 2

Europa has brought new weapons to Destiny 2, including the shotgun Bonechiller. This slug shotgun can dish out large amounts of damage – as long as you have precise aim. So, what are the best perks on Bonechiller in Destiny 2, and how do you get the most out of this weapon?


Bonechiller is a precision frame shotgun, putting it in the 65 RPM category. This puts it in line with other shotguns, like Good Bone Structure. The best range and barrel perks to look for are ones that increase range and reload speed without reducing too many stats. The best barrel perks are Corkscrew Rifling, Fluted Barrel, Hammer-forged Rifling and Smallbore. The best magazine perks to look for are Accurized Rounds, Light Mag and Assault Mag.

Bonechiller has 3 perks on it that are new to Season of the Hunt. Dual Loader allows you to reload two shells at the cost of reload speed, and Surplus gives stat buffs for having abilities charged. One for All is the most interesting out of the three. With it, hitting three different targets provides a damage buff.

In PvP, Surplus and Auto Loading Holster are the best options in the first column. Pair this with either Slideways or Opening Shot to have the best accuracy and range.

In PvE, Surplus and Lead from Gold are the best perks. Lead from Gold is especially stronger now with the ammo changes that came with Beyond Light. In the second column look for Threat Detector or Demolitionist.


Bonechiller is on the stronger end of shotguns in Destiny 2 at the moment. While the shotgun is more geared towards PvP with its perk selection, it can hold its own PvE also. You receive one fairly early into the Beyond Light campaign, and you have a high chance of having a decent roll.

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