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Bungie launches relief campaign for Australia wildfires

In recent weeks, Australia has been ravaged by wildfires. Thousands of homes have been destroyed, leaving families displaced. Animals have fallen victim to these fires, and vast amounts of land has been reduced to nothing. Brave men and women are risking their lives fighting these fires. Destiny 2 maker Bungie are getting in to help the effort, with the launch of the Guardians of Australia campaign.

Guardians of Australia campaign details

Bungie announced on Jan. 16 the launch of a campaign to raise funds for those affected by the destruction caused by the fires, and those fighting them. They are raising funds by selling a limited edition Destiny 2 t-shirt with custom art. The shirt features the original Arcadia-Class Jumpship that players obtained during the opening mission of Destiny. This same ship was added back to Destiny 2 during the Shadowkeep DLC, along with the Khvostov and the Generalist Ghost Shell. The ship is seen flying over the Australian outback, with the Traveler looming in the distance.

Bungie Australia
The t-shirt looks pretty cool, but more importantly the sales help firefighters and wildlife workers.

With the purchase of the shirt you will receive a limited emblem called “Star Light, Star Bright.” The shirt will available at the Bungie Store until 9 AM Pacific, Tuesday, Feb. 18.

The true guardians of Australia

Half of the proceeds Bungie will generate through the Guardians of Australia campaign will be donated to NSW Rural Fire Service, which one of the many organizations fighting the wild fires. The other half will go to WIRES, Australia’s largest wildlife rescue organization.

To say that both organizations are working overtime would be downplaying the grim reality. Australia is dealing with a major disaster, threatening both humans and animals, and the people of NSW Rural Fire Service and WIRES need all the help they can get. This campaign is a meaningful way of lending a hand.

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