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Destiny 2 breaks hearts with Crimson Days

Love is in the air, and the Crimson Days has arrived at the Tower in Destiny 2For some guardians, this is a time of celebration with our partners in crime, wreaking havoc in the Crimson Doubles playlist, showing our love and camaraderie with one another. However, Bungie broke my heart this time.

With each new seasonal event, I always hope that Bungie adds something new and exciting to Destiny 2, or at least something to grind for. In the past, with events like the Dawning and the Festival of the Lost, Bungie had taken their formula of success and built upon it.

With Festival of the Lost, we got a new auto rifle, Braytech Werewolf, and with the ability to get random rolls on it. This gave me a reason to grind the Haunted Forest. Although I don’t use auto rifles often, I now have two or three ‘god’ rolls sitting in the vault for whenever Bungie decides to buff auto rifles. Either way, this type of content gives players a solid reason to join in on Destiny 2 events.

This year’s Crimson Days has been less than satisfactory. We got our obligatory new cosmetic items, sure. While not my cup of tea, they do serve their purpose for other guardians. Where I was really hoping to see some improvement was with Shaxx and his items.

Crimson Days
Crimson Days Items

While we got the two new Sparrows and their special earnable emblem, we didn’t get anything worth grinding for. The Vow, the Crimson Days exclusive bow, comes with the same static roll that we got last year. While the static roll on the Vow is solid, I wish that Bungie had allowed us to farm for random rolls. This would have made the Destiny 2 Crimson Doubles playlist and its associated bounties worth grinding for.

With the Revelry set to launch in April, I hope Bungie treats us with something new and fresh to grind for. I know every event can’t be made as epic as the rest, but giving the community something to grind for will keep people invested in the game.

All that said, Bungie has been doing an amazing job with Destiny 2, and I am looking forward to the future of the game. You can read more about the Crimson Days event on the game’s site.

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