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Destiny 2 exotic Sanguine Alchemy gets a redesign – will it be good?

Season of the Worthy for Destiny is just around the corner and Bungie is slowly releasing teasers for what is to come. This week’s TWAB was focused on the exotic changes that will be coming. While most of them were just changes, the warlock Sanguine Alchemy is getting a complete overhaul and redesign.

Current state

Sanguine Alchemy is one of the better looking exotics in the game. As you can see content creator Truds discuss in the video below, Sanguine Alchemy seemed very competitive at the time it was released.

Destiny 2 - New Meta - Best PvP Exotic Armour - Sanguine Alchemy - Exotic Warlock Armour Review


However, its aesthetic appeal alone did not make this exotic usable. Its current perk allows those standing in a rift to gain enhanced radar and to maintain radar even when aiming down sights. It also allows targets to be tracked and highlighted. That’s just not good enough. I rarely see this exotic used at all. When, and when I do it’s clearly being used for a fashion build.

The redesign of Sanguine Alchemy was unexpected, but it is definitely a welcome one. I would have liked to see other exotics get a redesign, like Winter’s Guile and Aeon Swift. Some exotics are just not viable for use at all, and that leaves for less experimentation when it comes to builds.

Sanguine Alchemy redesign

The reworked exotic still empowers the use of rifts, but the perk now also allows the wearer to extend the duration of rifts when getting kills while in the rift. Bungie did not give specifics, which we should get in the full patch notes come March 10. I suspect they may have removed Sanguine Alchemy’s original perk because it may have been broken in their testing of Trials, which returns with Season of the Worthy.

One Eyed Mask, the Titan exotic, also had its wall tracking removed. The only way I can see Sanguine Alchemy becoming a used exotic is if the kills in the rift trigger on Well of Radiance, which would put it on par with the likes of Phoenix Protocol. We will have to see this coming season.

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