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False Promises auto rifle review and perks | Destiny 2

A new season in Destiny 2 means new weapons, and boy are some of the Season of Arrival’s offerings beautiful. Along with a great aesthetic, this season’s new guns can roll with some really great perks. Let’s look at the new Destiny 2 High-Impact auto rifle, False Promises.

My roll

Day 1 of a new season is usually a mad dash for light levels, and even more so this time with the announcement of a new Dungeon going live the day of the patch. However, I spent my time looking into the new gear that could be obtained. Upon opening my first Umbral Engram, I got False Promises, the new 360 RPM auto rifle. In the past, I had not really been a fan of High-Impact. I generally lean towards Adaptive frames when I use auto rifles.

Nothing about my roll screams amazing for PvP or PvE. However, even with a mediocre roll, the auto rifle feels good. It boosts solid range and I didn’t have a hard time staying on target. I ran a couple games of Crucible with it, finding out it can hold its own at mid-ranges. However, close range targets wielding a shogun or Recluse will easily shred you before you can get off more than 4 shots.

False Promises
My roll on False Promises, the new Destiny 2 auto rifle.

Surrounded is not something you want to run on a mid-range weapon, so often this was not activated or giving me a damage buff. Feeding Frenzy combined with Light Mag allows for speedy reloads in the heat of battle. Even without having Feeding Frenzy activated, I didn’t feel like the reload was overly slow.

The master work in Stability is not necessary, especially due to False Promises not having an extremely high fire rate. I would much rather have gotten this masterwork in Handling or Range. Backup Mag was included with the drop, which is one of the better mods when it comes to auto rifles. If you got Rampage, you could roll with Rampage Spec to increase the duration. Targeting Adjuster would help with target acquisition, or you could run Sprint Grip to increase ADS speed and handling after sprinting.

What to look for

In terms of reload perks, the False Promises auto rifle can roll with Feeding Frenzy or Subsistence. Overflow can also be found in the first column, but this perk has no use once you fill up your ammo reserves. Damage buffing perks in the second column are Rampage and Swashbuckler. Surrounded is also present, but is not a very useful perk on ranged weapons.

The three new perks are Sympathetic Arsenal, Killing Wind, and Unrelenting. Killing Wind works well with the False Promises auto rifle, because it boosts mobility, range and handling after getting a kill, allowing you to stay on the move and retain a tactical edge as you hunt your next target.

The other two new perks are also geared towards keeping you running and gunning. Sympathetic Arsenal allows you to reload stowed weapons, and Unrelenting triggers health regeneration on multi-kills. Unrelenting feels like a natural pairing with this auto rifle, because False Promises can kill multiple enemies with one clip.

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