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Guiding Sight review and best perks | Destiny 2

Iron Banner is back and has brought us two new weapons with random rolls. Guiding Sight is a new 150 RPM Scout Rifle, which is one of the strongest archetypes. Here are the perks you should look for on Guiding Sight in Destiny 2.

Perks and rolls

Guiding Sight has sight options instead of barrel perks. Red Dot Micro and Cleanshot IS are the best sights because they add extra range and handling. For magazine perks, look for High Caliber Rounds for extra flinch, or Ricochet Rounds to increase stability and range.

In the first column you have three strong perk options. Rapid Hit is great for reload and extra stability and it does not require final blows to activate. Quickdraw can be nice for the added handling, but its use can be fairly limited. Surplus is a great perk and gives great added bonuses when you have abilities charged.

The second column doesn’t leave many choices. Vorpal Weapon is fairly niche, but it can help with shutting down supers in PvP. One for All is hard to activate in PvP, but it can be useful in PvE. Zen Moment is nice, however the gun recoil is not too jumpy, so it is often overkill when it comes to stability.


Here are the perk combinations and god rolls you should look for with Guiding Sight:

Rapid Hit + One for All – This is your best perk combo for a PvE loadout. Hit three different enemies to activate One for All for a solid damage boost for 10 seconds. Rapid Hit allows for speedy reloads.

Surplus + Iron Grip – Surplus is great for the added handling and reload speed. The reduction in reload speed from Iron Grip can be completely avoided with Surplus and a Scout Rifle reload perk.


Guiding Sight is one of the best feeling scout rifles in Destiny 2. However, it suffers from a lack of interesting perks. It has solid neutral game in PvP, but doesn’t excel much in PvE. It is definitely worth it to save a solid roll, but getting a good drop would require grinding Iron Banner.

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