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High Albedo review and best perks | Destiny 2

High Albedo is a 3-burst sidearm in Destiny 2. This kinetic weapon fires at 491 RPM and can get some pretty good perk rolls. Here are the best perks on High Albedo you should look for in Destiny 2.

Perks and rolls

The stats you want to max out on sidearms are stability and range. This will help mitigate damage falloff and keep your burst under control. The best barrel perk options are Corkscrew Rifling, Fluted Barrel and Smallbore. Tactical Mag and Accurized Rounds are you best options for magazine perks.

In the first column, you have three solid perk choices. Full Auto Trigger is loved by many in the sidearm community and results in less clicking. Killing Wind is also a solid pick, solely for its mobility buff and weapon range buff, which effects damage falloff. Another decent pickup is Surplus, but High Albedo already has strong base stats.

In the second column, your only options for damage boosting perks are High Impact Reserves and Headseeker. The two top tier perks on High Albedo are Demolitionist and Wellspring. Both improve ability regeneration upon getting kills.


Here are the perk combinations and god rolls you should look for:

  • Surplus + Wellspring – These perks combo well together, rewarding you for having abilities up but also allowing you to spam abilities with Wellspring.
  • Killing Wind + Demolitionist – Demolitionist is a fun perk to use and allows for grenade spamming. This can be useful on the Stasis Subclasses so you can spam freezes and slows.
  • Full Auto + Headseeker – This is your best perk combo for PvP. Sidearms are not the best in PvP, but this perk combo can make High Albedo usable.


High Albedo is solid pickup in PvE because of its ability to roll with ability refreshing perks like Demolitionist and Wellspring. While it may not be best in higher end PvE activities, it will shine in patrols and planetary exploration.

High Albedo can be obtained from completing the quest chain A Hard Rain Falls, and can then be farmed from bounties found at Variks.

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