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Hollow Words fusion rifle review and best rolls | Destiny 2

Fusion rifles have always been my favorite when it comes to secondary weapons and Season of Arrivals has brought us a new one. Hollow Words, the newest fusion rifle in Destiny 2, packs a punch and has a couple of god rolls to look out for.

Perk combos

Your choice of first column perk depends on what you want to use Hollow Words for. Killing Wind is a strong perk, giving you a boost to handling, movement speed and range after getting a final blow. Feeding Frenzy would work well in PvE scenarios, allowing you to reliably clear enemies with little down time when you need to reload.

On the other hand, Quickdraw is a viable option for running this fusion rifle in PvP.

The ability to get Vorpal Weapon brings Hollow Words up a notch, whether you need to shut down a super in PvP or get in some followup damage in a boss fight. Disruption Break is always a strong choice on fusion rifles because it allows you to get AOE damage on breaking a shield.

FInally, although Backup Plan was nerfed, it still serves well in both PvP and high-end PvE activities when you need to hot swap.

Hollow Words Destiny 2
My roll on Hollow Words

My roll

This roll is partially what I would consider my ‘god roll’ for Hollow Words. On fusion rifles I generally don’t worry about my barrel perks, but I always want to get Liquid Coils in that second column, which brings up the impact damage. Outside of Liquid Coils and Vorpal Weapon, the only thing I need on this weapon would be Quickdraw or Killing Wind. Lead to Gold is just not a perk that I find I get a lot of use out of.

I find fusion rifles to fit aggressive playstyles more so than shotguns. They add high burst damage to your kit, but not at the cost of range like shotguns. Fusion rifles are in a good spot in Destiny 2, so it doesn’t hurt to farm for Hollow Words. Hollow Words can drop from Umbral Engrams, and can be easily farmed with Altered Element and the Prismatic Recaster.

A full list of perks and possible rolls for Hollow Words can be found on Stick around with SQUAD for more Destiny 2 news and content!

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