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Horror Story review and best perks | Destiny 2

It never starts off scary

Festival of the Lost has returned in Destiny 2 and with it has come an updated version of Horror Story. While it is just a spooky reskin of Origin Story from Year 1, it’s a great addition to add to your collection, and comes with some new perks. Here are the perks you should keep an eye out for when Horror Story drops in Destiny 2.

Best perks

The Horror Story is a 450 RPM auto rifle, making it a Precision Frame. While 450 auto rifles are not the strongest in PvP, they make solid choices in PvE content. A great thing about Horror Story is that instead of barrel perks, you get to pick sight options. The best sights are ones that buff handling and range. With that in mind, you want Cleanshot IS, or either of the Red Dot sights.

In the first column, you have a couple of solid options. Outlaw has always been a favorite that pairs well with Horror Story because it is a Precision Frame and has a slower fire rate. Killing Wind is also a solid choice due to the increase in range, handling, and mobility when you get a kill. Subsistence and Ambitious Assassin are solid choices, but not the strongest.

Sadly, Horror Story lacks any damage perks. However, you can roll Demolitionist, which makes a strong addition to any build. This way you can have your grenade ability up as often as possible. Osmosis can be a great perk in higher end PvE activities that have Match Game. Moving Target and Snapshot would be solid choices for PvP.


Slower RPM auto rifles are not everyone’s cup of tea, but they definitely still pack a punch and are viable. Horror Story is no exception to this. With great neutral game perks, Horror Story makes a solid weapon choice in PvE. Even if you don’t plan on using it, grab yourself one to throw in the Vault when 450 RPM auto rifles get buffed.

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