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Ikelos Shotgun review and best perks | Destiny 2

Back in Year 1, the Ikelos Shotgun was one of the best weapons for burning bosses in Destiny 2. Now it has returned with random rolls in Season of the Arrivals. So, what are the best possible perks and rolls to get on the Ikelos Shotgun in Destiny 2?

Best perks

The original roll that was available on the Ikelos Shotgun in Year 1 was Trench Barrel with the combination of either Moving Target or Threat Detector. Most of us paired Trench Barrel with Threat Detector, letting us be in the thick of fights. Trench Barrel activates upon meleeing an enemy, increasing damage, handling and reload speed for a short period of time, or until three shots are fired.

In terms of barrel perks, make sure to grab anything that boosts range and handling. Anything that also increases stability will help. The best barrel perks possible are Fluted Barrel, Hammer-Forged Rifling and Smallbore. When looking at magazine perks, the best possible perk is Accurized Rounds, which gives a solid boost to range. Light Mag is also a strong choice, increasing range and reload speed.

Other damage perks that are possibilities are Vorpal Weapon and Surrounded. Vorpal Weapon gives you a flat damage buff against bosses, vehicles and Guardians in their super. This can be a solid choice in times where you are not able to activate Surrounded. Surrounded can be great in fights with three or more enemies, and pairs well with a Surrounded Spec. Rampage can be useful in activities like PvP or Strikes. However, in most cases you want to use perks like Vorpal Weapon or Trench Barrel to boost your damage capabilities against majors and bosses.

First column perks are entirely dependent on what your damage perk is. Feeding Frenzy pairs well with Rampage, due to the killing of minor enemies, stacking damage and reload speed. Threat Detector overall goes well with Surrounded and Trench Barrel. This is because both of these perks throw you into the thick of the battle, meaning you can maximize the buff stacks of Threat Detector.

Ikelos Shotgun Destiny 2
My roll on the Ikelos Shotgun

My roll

I was graced with a fairly decent roll on my third run of the Prophecy Dungeon. Trench Barrel was one of the main perks I was looking for on the Ikelos Shotgun. Combine that with Light Mag and Hammer-Forged Rifling and we get a super strong roll. The only perk I would like to have switched out would Pulse Monitor, which is not as strong as Threat Detector. The stability masterwork is a great addition, but I would not mind having that masterwork in range.

Either way, this shotgun is an absolute PvE monster and does a great job of cleaning up minors and majors alike.


Is the Ikelos Shotgun worth farming for? Definitely. While it may be locked behind the new Prophecy Dungeon, it can be run multiple times per week, meaning you have a solid chance of getting it. Make sure to grab it this season because in November the Prophecy Dungeon will be removed. It also may be possible that shotguns get a buff in the upcoming season, depending on what sandbox changes Bungie has planned.

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