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Ikelos SMG review and best perks | Destiny 2

The Ikelos SMG used to be one of the strongest weapons when the Warmind DLC was released in Destiny 2. Now it has returned in Season of the Arrivals with random rolls. Here is what perks you should look for and what makes the gun a solid choice in PvE activities.

Ikelos SMG perks

A major reason a lot of players have not considered farming for this SMG is the lack of a reliable damage boosting perk. However, the Ikelos SMG is very capable of clearing large groups of minor Destiny 2 enemies with relative ease. Additionally, it is great for tearing through Arc shields.

In the first column, Threat Detector is a solid choice to increase reload, stability and handling when there are enemies nearby. This best works in PvE when you have multiple enemies nearby to maximize the benefits of this buff. Another perk that is great on the Ikelos is Dynamic Sway Reduction, which improves accuracy and stability when holding down the trigger. This is a great perk for run and gun players. Subsistence is also a possible perk, but I am not personally a fan of it. Although you get ammo returned on kills, the reduction in reserve capacity really hurts, especially on the Ikelos.

Second column provides a little more variety when it comes to playstyles. Surrounded provides a damage buff when there are enemies nearby. This pairs well with Threat Detector, allowing you to have multiple buffs for being in the middle of a fight. My personal favorite, Demolitionist, returns grenade energy on kills. Tossing a grenade reloads the weapon.

In my opinion, Vorpal Weapon is not as good of a perk as people make it out to be. I think it works on some weapons in PvP, but in PvE not so much. Disruption Break would be great for running any activities where matching shields would be beneficial, like Scourge of the Past, Zero Hour and Nightfalls. Again, for most people, the lack of a damage perk is not appealing. On the other hand, this weapon can be boosted to be laser accurate.

Ikelos SMG Destiny 2
My roll on the Ikelos SMG

My roll

I have always been a big fan of the Ikelos weapons. They have a unique design and they light up when you shoot them. What’s not to love? Also, the presence of Seraph Rounds made these guns truly unique. I still enjoy the over-penetrating and ricochet power of these weapons. That said, with random rolls, Seraph Rounds is not the most optimal magazine perk.

The only thing I want to change out in my roll would have to be Dynamic Sway Reduction. I would much rather have Threat Detector, which was on the original Ikelos SMG. I find in most cases I don’t hold down the trigger long enough to get the full benefits of Dynamic Sway Reduction. Demolitionist is a strong choice this season, especially with the ability to run Oppressive Darkness for a damage buff off of Void grenades.

The Ikelos is one of the best SMGs currently in Destiny 2. With the Recluse being sunset next season, will the Ikelos take the spot of the best energy SMG in the game? It’s certainly possible.

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