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Ikelos Sniper review and best perks | Destiny 2

While Warmind may have not been the best Destiny expansion, it brought us some the best weapons, like the Ikelos Shotgun and Sleeper Simulant. The Ikelos Sniper has now returned with random rolls in Destiny 2. However, this time it packs a great array of perks that are strong in both PvP and PvE. So, what are the best perks on the Ikelos Sniper in Destiny 2?

Ikelos Sniper perks

Barrel perks are often what can make or break sniper rifles. The best barrel perks you can get on the Ikelos Sniper are Fluted Barrel and Arrowhead Break. Both of these increase handling and either stability or recoil control. Corkscrew Rifling can also be a solid pick. Just make sure you stay away from any barrel perks that reduce your handling stat.

In most PvE activities, you will be often be using your special weapons to damage bosses and majors. The same goes for the Ikelos Sniper. While Multikill Clip is an OK perk option, you won’t be using the sniper to clear minor enemies often, making it hard to activate Multikill Clip.

In terms of damage perks, you want to run either Box Breathing or High Impact Reserves. The first column perks you want to keep an eye out for are Fourth Time’s The Charm or Triple Tap. Both of these will return ammo to the magazine for landing repeated precision hits. Make sure to also throw on a Boss Spec or Major Spec to increase your damage output.

There are two routes you can take for running the Ikelos Sniper in the Crucible and other Destin2 PvP activities. The first is the High Impact Reserves perk, which can allow you to double body shot. This can make you one of the filthiest Guardians in the Crucible. The other roll you can look for is Quickdraw, which bests pairs with Moving Target or No Distractions. Because you cannot get Snapshot Shots on this sniper, slap on a Targeting Adjuster to have better target acquisition.

Ikelos Sniper Destiny 2
My roll on the Ikelos Sniper

My roll

I have been lucky enough to get a couple solid Ikelos Sniper drops. My roll with Quickdraw and Moving Target has been a blast to use in the Crucible and Iron Banner. While it lacks Fluted Barrel and a solid magazine perk, it can still very much hold its own. Even without those, the sniper is still super snappy and has great handling. I would much rather the masterwork on this one be in stability or handling.

I also had the chance to test out two rolls in PvE. The first was with Feeding Frenzy and Multikill Clip. Honestly, it felt like absolute trash. In most cases I would rather clear minor enemies with my primary and not waste my special ammo. This is especially true for high end activities like Master level Nightfalls.

The other roll, which had Triple Tap and High Impact Reserves, made a great addition for boss damage when I ran out of heavy ammo. It was also great for cleaning up the Cyclopes in the Festering Core Nightfall.

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