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Last Hope sidearm review and best perks | Destiny 2

Sidearms are still a strong weapon option in Destiny 2. Last Hope is no exception to this. Sporting solid perk combinations for most playstyles, it is a highly sought-after weapon. Here are the best perks and rolls on Last Hope in Destiny 2.

Best perks and combos

On Last Hope you have sights choices instead of barrel perks. The best perks increase aim assist along with other stats. The best two sight choices are the Quickdot SAS and Control SAS, which increase aim assist, handling and stability. The only sights I would avoid would be the Target SAS and Farpoint SAS.

Magazine perks can vary depending on what stats you want to max out. Anything that increases range and stability is a must-have on almost any sidearm. High-Caliber Rounds is great for that increase in range, and it also adds small knockback to your shots. Ricochet Rounds adds stability and range and allows you to bounce shots off of hard surfaces. Armor-Piercing Rounds and Light Mag are strong choices as well.

For a damage-oriented combo, look for Feeding Frenzy with either Rampage or Multikill Clip. Activating either of these damage perks will allow you to string together kills and create a chain of destruction. These rapid kills will also activate Feeding Frenzy, giving you a speedier reload. This roll is best suited for PvE activities, but can be used in PvP also. You can also use Quickdraw with either damaging perk.


Should you be farming for Last Hope in Destiny 2? If you are a fan of sidearms, then you definitely should. With it also being a world drop, you don’t have to go out of your way to farm it. I have it drop a lot from Unfocused Umbral Engrams.

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