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Nature of the Beast just sucks | Destiny 2

Hand cannons are one of the most beloved weapon types in Destiny 2. But it is no secret that 180 archetype hand cannons are in the worst spot they have ever been in. The newest hand cannon in Destiny 2, Nature of the Beast, is no exception to this.

Looks aren’t everything

Nature of the Beast is one mean looking hand cannon. Sporting that beautiful Suros hand cannon model, which Destiny 2 truly lacks outside of the lack luster Year 1 variants like the Minuet-42. Plus the combination of the vibrant blue and red clash and really make this gun stand out. But its beautiful looks don’t make up for the lack of good perks options.

Quickdraw on a hand cannon? Maybe if you want to role play as a fast-firing cowboy. Subsistence on any gun in general? No thanks, I take pride in my ammo-carrying capacity. This perk disaster is exacerbated by the complete lack of a reliable damage perk like Rampage or Kill Clip. Of course, I could run High-Impact Reserves if I want to shoot half my magazine to get a minimal damage buff for three shots.

Jokes aside, if you want to run this doggy doodoo pencil launcher in PvP, make sure to grab one with Quickdraw or Snapshot, so you can be the rootiest-tootiest cowboy in the Crucible. Run it with Rangefinder and then maybe you can keep up with everyone else running around with Gnawing Hunger and Suros Regime. However, most of the time you will still be outgunned as you desperately try to line up headshots.

Trash or a hidden gem?

No matter what perks you have on Nature of the Beast, it is still a 180 RPM hand cannon, making it one of the worst weapons in Destiny 2. A gun that can’t even one shot a Fallen Dreg in PvE doesn’t deserve taking up space in my inventory. Now it resides in my Vault, collecting dust.

Does the Nature of the Beast suck? Yes, it truly does, as do other 180 hand cannons. But don’t hesitate to throw a decent roll in the Vault because Bungie might buff them some day! There’s your silver lining.

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