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Night Watch scout rifle review and best perks | Destiny 2

Scout rifles are not a strong weapon type in Destiny 2. Unless you run a 150 RPM, you will find they are not viable in PvE. However, every now and again a scout rifle will be added to the game that is semi-decent and capable of holding its own. Here are the best perks to look for on Night Watch in Destiny 2.

Best perks for Night Watch

Night Watch is a 180 RPM scout rifle that falls under the Lightweight Frame category in Destiny 2. With these archetypes, you want to focus on increasing range and handling. Arrowhead Brake and Fluted Barrel are must-picks if you need to increase your handling. Corkscrew Rifling and Hammer-Forged Rifling will give you a small buff to range if you need it. Smallbore is also a solid choice.

Magazine perks are strictly on an as-needed basis. None of them are drastically stronger than others, so always pick what best fits you roll. Accurized Rounds will always be a solid choice for buffing range, but sometimes reload speed or a larger ammo count is needed. That said, Tactical Mag is the strongest perk you can grab overall, giving you an increase to range, reload speed and magazine size.

Night Watch has one of the best perk combos in Destiny 2. Your god roll is Rapid Hit combined with a damage perk like Mulitkill Clip or Rampage. This would be the ultimate combo for any PvE activity. Rapid Hit is great, buffing reload speed with added stability for landing multiple precision shots. Multikill Clip is a strong pick-up, however if you do get a Rampage roll, make sure to add on a Rampage Spec.

Night Watch Destiny 2
My roll on Night Watch

Rapid Hit can also be substituted with Outlaw. I have seen people run rolls with Explosive Payload with either Outlaw or Rapid Hit. While this does help decrease damage falloff at long ranges, I don’t like the decrease to precision damage.


Scout rifles in Destiny 2 are in desperate need of a buff. With most archetypes lacking the ability to one-shot minor enemies, it can be hard to justify using a scout rifle over a hand cannon. However, Bungie tends to bring weapons to a better spot in the game over time. This is what we saw with auto rifles: currently, 600 RPM auto rifles are dominating in this sandbox. If you do get a solid roll on Night Watch, make sure to throw it in the Vault until a later date when scout rifles get buffed.

In lower end PvE activities, Night Watch can still be run with relative ease. It can also make a great situational weapon for higher end activities like Master Nightfalls and Nightmare Hunts. Depending on the seasonal artifact mods of the time, it can make a solid weapon choice for countering Champions. Night Watch is also capable of holding its own in PvP, but requires playing at the mid to long range and avoiding sniper lanes.

Night Watch will not be sunset till Season 15, giving it a power cap of 1360. It can easily be farmed through Umbral Engrams or as a world drop from activities.

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