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No Time to Explain exotic review | Destiny 2

No Time to Explain is an exotic pulse rifle in Destiny 2, returning from the first game. You receive it from the Exo Stranger at the end of the Beyond Light campaign, and it comes with new perks. This is the complete review of the exotic pulse rifle No Time to Explain in Destiny 2.

The gun

No Time to Explain is a 340 pulse rifle in the Kinetic Slot. Its base perks include Fluted Barrel, Accurized Rounds and Full Auto Trigger System. This combo gives the pulse rifle great stability along with great recoil control.

The Intrinsic Perk is Rewind Again. This returns ammo to the magazine when precision shots or shots on Stasis effected enemies are landed. This includes both slowed and frozen targets. The trait on the gun is Time-Slip, which opens a Time Chasm that fires off bullets from an alternate dimension.

In PvP, I don’t generally get the Time Chasm to open as often as I would like to. It takes two to three Guardians to land enough precision blows to activate Time-Slip. It also doesn’t help that you lose stacks on death. Aside from the trait, No Time to Explain is a solid anti-player pulse rifle.

In PvE, No Time to Explain is an absolute beast. If you are using it right, you almost never have to reload, and you will always have the Time Chasm up for additional damage. The fact that Rewind Again doesn’t lose stacks when you swap weapons is awesome, especially when you need to break an elemental shield or swap to a shotgun for boss damage. That said, I do not see it being a staple in any high end PvE activity at the time.

The catalyst

The catalyst for No Time to Explain is also obtained via quest at the end of the Beyond Light campaign. The quest requires some simple objectives and then you receive the catalyst from the Exo Stranger. After getting 700 kills with No Time to Explain, the catalyst causes Time Chasm to fire more frequently. This helps with damage and makes the gun more fun in PvE. The ability to generate Orbs of Power on multikills is also nice.

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