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Point of the Stag bow review and guide | Destiny 2

I have always been a big fan of bows in video games. Far Cry, Crysis 3 and Dying Light were all games that made me feel like a forest ranger, raining death from above with arrows. Destiny 2 was no exception. Bows were added in 2018 with the release of the Forsaken DLC, but have not been a staple in the meta yet.

Point of the Stag, the new Iron Banner ritual weapon, may challenge that.

Point of the Stag
Iron Banner set for Season of the Worthy

How to get Point of the Stag

There is no reason to not go for Point of the Stag. The quest to receive it is fairly straightforward, and you will complete it if you are going for the Iron Banner armor set this season. As with previous seasons, the quest revolves around capturing zones, playing matches, getting kills with supers, and getting kills with various weapon types. When you get to each weapon kill step, you are given the Iron Banner version of that weapon type, but often I found the rolls on these weapons underwhelming. Here are the weapons I used for the various steps:

  • Hand Cannon Kills: I found myself using Thorn, Ace of Spades and Dire Promise. Spare Rations is also solid pick if you have a good roll.
  • SMG Kills: I used Recluse and Exit Strategy for this quest step. Most 600 and 900 RPM SMGs work good for this step.
  • Fusion Rifle Kills: Jotunn is still the king of cross map one-shots. I saw other players also using Telesto for this quest step.
  • Bow Kills: By this quest step, you have received Point of the Stag. I used it for the 10 bow kills to get a better feel for it. I saw some people using Le Monarque, too.
Point of the Stag
Le Monarque

Point of the Stag as a bow

Point of the Stag is a beautiful-looking bow. It boasts a unique model, but with similar characteristics to the other Iron Banner weapons. Through some testing with my fellow guardians, I came to the conclusion that Point of the Stag with Vorpal Weapon can shut down any super with a double headshot. It takes 3 shots to the body to shut down supers.

The bow is snappy and feels best on larger maps like the Fortress, Midtown and the Dead Cliffs. I found it best not to challenge sniper lanes alone, because you will be shot down quickly. In their current state, I don’t think you should be running bows in high-end PvP content like Competitive or Trials of Osiris.

My thoughts

Point of the Stag is not a weapon to be dismissed in Destiny 2. Its ability to roll Vorpal Weapon means it can quickly shut down supers, and also means it has a damage buff against bosses in PvE. This bow also shines against Champions, which also take the extra damage from Vorpal Weapon.

We may also see artifact mods coming back for bows within the coming seasons. While bows may not be meta currently, it is highly likely that we will see a buff to them in the near future. More reviews of Point of the Stag and the complete stats can be found on

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