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Seventh Seraph shotgun review and best perks | Destiny 2

When Felwinter’s Lie made a return in Destiny 2, it dominated the Crucible and still does to this day. However, you are no longer able to obtain it, so many new players need to find an alternative. The Seventh Seraph shotgun is your next best choice, which was added during Season of the Worthy. Here are the best perks on the Seventh Seraph shotgun in Destiny 2.

Best perks and rolls

Barrel perks are key to optimizing range on shotguns in Destiny 2. Smallbore and Corkscrew Rifling boost both range and stability without negatively impacting anything. If you can take the hit to handling, Rifled Barrel is another great choice to increase optimal range.

The same also goes for magazine perks. Anything to boost either range or ammo count is a must-have and is something you should keep an eye out for. Tactical Mag and Appended Mag are by far the best when it comes to increasing ammo count. Accurized Rounds is a strong choice if you want to buff out the range stat. Assault Mag increases both fire rate and the overall stability of the gun.

For PvP, Quickdraw and Slideshot are top notch perks in the first column. Combine either of these with Vorpal Weapon, to deal more damage to supers, or Snapshot if you plan on aiming.

In PvE, first column perks boil down to personal preference. In the second column you want to get either Trench Barrel or Vorpal Weapon for increased damage.


Is the Seventh Seraph shotgun something worth farming for in Destiny 2? I would definitely say so. For the time being, it is one of the few shotguns you can farm. And with it dropping from Umbral Engrams, it can be farmed for in any activity. You can increase your chances of it dropping by focusing the Umbral Engrams.

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