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Temptation’s Hook, Bolt Caster’s legendary cousin | Destiny 2

Bolt Caster has returned in Destiny 2, but in the form a legendary sword. Temptation’s Hook is the second sword to be added to Destiny 2 during Season of the Arrivals. Here are the best perks you can get on Temptation’s Hook in Destiny 2.

Best perks

When it comes to swords, two perks truly shine as your go-to combo for damaging bosses and majors. Relentless Strikes allows you to regain ammo during a sustained team fight, and Whirlwind Blade provides a stacking damage buff after landing repeated sword attacks. This is the same set of perks you want to see on almost every sword in the game.

Temptation’s Hook’s heavy attack casts forward a bolt of lightning that creates a lingering damaging arc cloud. This attack has some minor tracking on it. Due to this attack being ranged, it seems counter-intuitive to be in your enemies’ face.

This is the one weapon – besides maybe certain shotguns or snipers – that Vorpal Weapon would be worth picking up on. In cases where you have a flying boss or a target farther away, you can get the damage buff from Vorpal Weapon without requiring setup. All it requires is the enemy to be a boss or major.

In terms of blade perks, you want to keep an eye out for Honed Edge and Tempered Edge. Both of these increase the impact stat, which equates to more damage, without reducing your max sword ammo capacity. When looking at guard perks, you want anything that reduces the charge time of the heavy attack and increases guard efficiency.


Is Temptation’s Hook a sword worth farming for this season in Destiny 2? Yes. Can it compete against the godly Falling Guillotine? Not in most cases, but Temptation’s Hook has scenarios where it can outrange other swords. This weapon is definitely something to pick up and keep in the Vault to use for certain activities.

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