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The Destiny 2 Guardian Games event is barely worth bronze

The newest seasonal event has gone live in Destiny 2, this time bringing us the Guardian Games. The event allows players to represent their class by earning medals, similar to the Olympic Games. However, this event focuses on completing bounties at varying rarities. And that’s all it adds. No new gear, except for a single exotic, Heir Apparent, locked behind a wall of triumphs, and a class item for the Titans, Hunters and Warlocks.

Lack of content

Back in February, I wrote about Destiny 2‘s Crimson Days event, which had also seen a lack of content. At the time, we did not know we would be getting a new event, the Guardian Games, in place of the Revelry, which was the usual spring event.

The Guardian Games lacks a lot of what the Revelry delivered in the past. The Revelry had added a new activity, in addition to bounties, armor and the exotic Arbalest. While bounties were present, they were not the backbone of the event. On the other hand, the Guardian Games is completely focused on completing bounties and playing activities that are already present in Destiny 2, such as the Black Armory Forges.

At this point in the game, unless you are a new player, you should have most of the weapons and armor from the Forges. Therefore there isn’t much reason to run this activity, yet it contains a number of bounties for the Guardian Games. Additionally, Gambit – the PvP-PvE hybrid game mode, which has been highly divisive among the playerbase – also has many bounties and a triumph associated with it.

I haven’t been playing much Destiny 2 lately, due to the lack of content. Guardian Games just cements that for me. Instead of adding anything of substance, Bungie focused on keeping players busy and forcing another grind on them. I hope that Bungie can take some of the player feedback from this event and make content more enticing this upcoming season.

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