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The Destiny 2 sidearm buff is rattling the meta

With the release of Season of the Dawn, we have seen a shift in the current state of the Destiny 2 meta.  Anti-Barrier and Overload rounds being moved to scout rifles and pulses primarily was not the only major change. Sidearms got a blanket target acquisition buff, which has increased their lethality in both Destiny 2‘s PvP and PvE.

Two sidearms currently stand out for their ease of attainability, and the rolls that they can have. The first is Breachlight, the new Sundial sidearm. It is an aggressive archetype, like Smuggler’s  Word. What sets Breachlight apart from Smuggler’s Word is the fact that you can roll even deadlier combinations. With the ability to roll Multikill Clip, it is possible to two-burst guardians in the Crucible.

Vorpal Weapon is also viable for shutting down supers in PvP. Demolitionist allows kills to refund grenade energy, and throwing your grenade reloads your weapon. If used correctly, you could avoid reloading at all when it comes to clearing easy enemies like Thrall or Dregs. Demolitionist will always be a reliable perk to have in PvE, and Breachlight is able to roll Demolitionist with a damage dealing perk like Rampage or Multikill Clip in the second column.

Breachlight Destiny 2 sidearms meta

The other sidearm that can be equally as deadly is Last Hope, a year one sidearm returning with random rolls. The Last Hope falls into the Omolon adaptive frame archetype, similar to The Last Dance. The Last Hope shines because it can roll Quickdraw and a damage dealing perk, while the Breachlight can only have one or the other. In PvE, the ability to roll Feeding Frenzy allows for faster reloads without having to land headshot kills.

My take on all this? I believe that it is good for all weapon types to see increased usage in the Destiny 2 meta sometimes, and this time it’s sidearms. That was the case for rapid fire pulse rifles after their buff in Season of the Undying. All around, Destiny 2 sidearms are in a better state than they have been in previous seasons. Better random rolls combined with a blanket buff to target acquisition has allowed sidearms to become viable options in both PvP and PvE. With the Devil’s Ruin exotic quest going live yesterday, sidearms may actually be in the best spot they have ever been.

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