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The Fool’s Remedy sidearm review and best perks | Destiny 2

Iron Banner has brought us new weapons in Destiny 2, one of them being the Fool’s Remedy sidearm. Sidearms are still in a very strong spot in Destiny 2 and can definitely hold their own in both PvP and PvE. Here’s the god roll on the Fool’s Remedy, and everything else you need to know.

Best perks

The Fool’s Remedy is a solar sidearm in the energy slot. It is classified as Suros Rapid-Fire Frame. This puts it at a fire rate of 450 rpm. This is the same fire rate as sidearms like Dead Man Walking and Swift Solstice. We do not have many of these types of sidearms in Destiny 2, so hopefully Bungie will add more.

The best roll for PvP would have to be the combination of Feeding Frenzy with Kill Clip. Kill Clip is the only damage perk present on this weapon, giving you a damage buff on reload after a kill. Feeding Frenzy boosts the reload speed based on the number of kills before reloading. This roll is also a great choice for PvE activities.

When it comes to maximizing stats, you want to focus on both range and stability. These stats are key on all sidearms, allowing you to manage recoil and mitigate damage falloff at greater ranges. Magazine perks that pair well with the Fool’s Remedy are Ricochet Rounds, Flared Magwell and Light Mag. Both Flared Magwell and light Mag also give you a boost to reload speed.

The Iron Banner weapons in Season of the Arrivals have also brought us two new perks, Iron Grip and Iron Gaze. Iron Grip massively increases the weapon’s stability at the cost of reload speed. Iron Gaze improves target acquisition at the cost of range. Both of these perks provide large buffs but drastically decrease another stat.

The Fool's Remedy
My roll on the Fool’s Remedy.

My roll

The Fool’s Remedy that I had drop was fairly decent. Ricochet Rounds and Kill Clip make this sidearm an absolute beast. Moving Target fairs well in PvP, but for PvE activities I would much rather have gotten Feeding Frenzy. I also would not have minded having a roll with Quickdraw to also pair with a sniper.

In PvP, this sidearm can hold its own. Compared to other sidearms, it is one of the few that can fire full auto without a perk, due to its intrinsic trait. I paired mine with Revoker in Iron Banner to continue working on bounties and to hopefully get armor drops. You could also pair it with a shotgun in the kinetic slot, but this will bring down your ranged capabilities.

In PvE, sidearms are still a tad bit underwhelming. While they can excel in lower end activities and when patrolling destinations. I would not suggest taking a sidearm in high level Ordeal Nightfalls and Raids.


The Fool’s Remedy is a solid sidearm in Destiny 2 and you should definitely keep an eye out for these perks. With Beyond Light being delayed until November, it is more than likely that we will get another Iron Banner to farm for weapons and armor.

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