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The Forward Path auto rifle review and best perks | Destiny 2

Iron Banner has brought us two new weapons to this season, with the Forward Path as the newest 600 RPM auto rifle to be added to Destiny 2. When compared to other auto rifles in its archetype, like Gnawing Hunger, how does it hold up? Here are the best perks and rolls you can get on the Forward Path in Destiny 2.

Best perks

With the Forward Path we get sight options instead of different barrels. This is one of my preferred ways for weapons to be, just because it allows for some slight reticle variation and doesn’t force you to use big boxy sights that take up half your screen. My favorite sight options are Red Dot Micro and Red Dot 2 MOA. They both buff handling and range and giving a slight zoom. Cleanshot IS is also a solid choice when it comes to scopes on the Forward Path.

In the first column, you have a couple of solid choices for perks. Feeding Frenzy is ultimately the best choice, because it is the only reload perk available. Fourth Times A Charm is also available, but in most cases this is best used in PvE activities. If you want to max out stability, you can also run Dynamic Sway Reduction, which increases accuracy and stability the longer you hold down the trigger.

Second column has a little bit more variety when it comes to perk options. The damage perks you have available are Multikill Clip and Swashbuckler, which are both excellent choices. However I would have liked for Rampage to be a choice on The Forward Path.

If you want to shoot for more neutral perks that don’t require kills to activate, you can look for a roll with Iron Grip, which massively increases your stability at the cost of reload speed. You can counteract the reload speed loss with a perk like Feeding Frenzy. Tap the Trigger and Eye of the Storm are also solid neutral perks to run to improve handling, stability and accuracy.

Forward Path Destiny 2
My roll on The Forward Path

My god roll

I was lucky enough to have a near-perfect roll drop upon completing the Iron Banner quest. The combination of Feeding Frenzy and Multikill Clip is lethal for both PvP and PvE. However, sometimes it is hard to reliably get more than one stack on Multikill Clip.

This thing truly shines in PvE, though. Lower health enemies like Thrall and Dregs are quickly shredded and then provide a damage buff to cut through Vandals and Acolytes.

What would I do to improve this roll? Not much, honestly. With 43 base ammo in the magazine, a larger magazine perk is not really needed. Red Dot Micro is my favorite sight on this style of auto rifle and I have it. Truly the only change I would want is my handling masterwork to be either range or stability. The handling is already quite high, so the masterwork is not really needed.


Is The Forward Path a solid weapon to farm for in Destiny 2? Definitely. Can it keep up with others in its class like Gnawing Hunger? At times it can, and it definitely makes a strong kinetic alternative.

With Beyond Light being delayed until November, we will most likely get an extra Iron Banner this season, so make sure you farm for this weapon!

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