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The Summoner auto rifle review and best perks | Destiny 2

Auto rifles are at an all time high in the Destiny 2 meta. Hard Light is seen in almost every game, and Suros Regime can contend at close ranges with its Spinning Up trait. But above all, The Summoner, the new 600 rpm auto rifle from Trials of Osiris, may take the cake for the best feeling legendary auto rifle to date in Destiny 2.

My roll

I was blessed to get an amazing roll on my fifth win of Trials this week. Not the best when it comes to PvP, but it can more than hold its own in PvE.

The Summoner destiny 2
The Summoner

This gun gives me major nostalgia. It looks and feels like a gun from Destiny 1. The handling on this bad boy is amazing and its snappy, even without Snapshot Sights. With Overflow, I can get up to 86 in the mag. I managed to get a quad kill in Control without reloading with Overflow activated. I’m no PvP god, so that says a lot.

In PvE, it does an amazing job at clearing low health enemies, and I didn’t find myself running out of ammo. With Rampage, I feel like I had little to no issues controlling ads.

What to look for

While my Overflow Rampage roll is not the best for PvP, it has some redeeming qualities. I felt that high-caliber rounds made a large difference when it came to flinching my enemies when I got near the twenty to twenty-eight meter range.

When it comes to first column perks, anything that boosts stability works for both PvP and PvE. Zen Moment and Dynamic Sway Reduction are solid perks for PvP, while Overflow is a solid choice for ad clearing in PvE. In the second column, you have quite a few different choices. For PvP, Rangefinder can boost the optimal range, or you can run with Rampage for some sick multi-kills.

destiny 2 the summoner

One perk to not overlook in this column is Elemental Capacitor, which boosts a stat based on the subclass you are running. This pairs well with a Void subclass, which will boost up that stability even more.

If you want a more in depth review of The Summoner in Destiny 2 and all the numbers behind the gun, Aztecross has an amazing guide that goes into great detail.

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