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Thermal Erosion review and best perks | Destiny 2

Thermal Erosion is one of the new LMGs in Destiny 2. With a majority of the previous LMGs being sunset, Thermal Erosion has a chance to be viable. Here are the best perks on Thermal Erosion you should look for in Destiny 2.

Perks and rolls

Thermal Erosion is a Rapid-Fire Frame LMG, meaning it fires at 900 RPM. This means it has quite a bit of hop when holding down the trigger. To mitigate this, look for magazine and barrel perks that increase handling and stability.

In the first column, Zen Moment is one of the best perks you can get. It allows you to be more accurate while holding down the trigger. Field Prep is also a strong perk, due to the increase reload and increased ammo reserves. Another solid choice is Quickdraw.

In the second column, you do not have any true damaging perks. Demolitionist and Wellspring both allow for ability spam. Dragonfly is also an option, but because the fire rate is high, it can be hard to land precision final blows unless you tap fire. If you want to always have your finger on the trigger, you should look for Dynamic Sway Reduction.


Here are the perk combinations and god rolls you should look for:

  • Zen Moment + Demolitionist – Zen Moment is hands down one of the strongest perks on Rapid-Fire Frame LMGs. Combine this with Demolitionist and you can avoid reloading most of the time.
  • Field Prep + Well Spring – Well Spring will allow you to always have abilities up and Field Prep will allow for speedier reloads.
  • Zen Moment + Dynamic Sway Reduction – With both these perks you will have the most accurate Rapid-Fire LMG as long as you hit your target and hold down the trigger.


While Thermal Erosion doesn’t have much of a place in PvP, it can shine in PvE with the right rolls. While it won’t be top choice for boss damage, it will shine against rank and file enemies as well as orange bar enemies.

You can obtain Thermal Erosion via the Beyond Light campaign and from Empire Hunts.

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