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Whispering Slab bow review and perks | Destiny 2

While bows don’t hold a strong place in the meta of Destiny 2, they are still fun to use. Season of the Arrivals has brought us Whispering Slab, the newest edition to the Destiny 2 bow family in the kinetic slot. Aesthetically, this bow looks like a spoiler ripped straight off of a Subaru. But that doesn’t mean its not a beautiful slab, like the name suggests. So what perks should you look for, and what is the ‘god roll?’

Best perks

One way you can run Whispering Slab is with the same roll as Hush, but in this case you will have the bow in the kinetic slot. For this roll you want to get Archer’s Tempo and Opening Shot. The bow inherently has high hip-fire accuracy, meaning you don’t have to aim down sights to land precision hits.

For a PvP roll, you are going to want to look for either Archer’s Tempo or Quickdraw. Archer’s Tempo will allow you to land follow up shots faster after landing a precision hit. With Quickdraw, you can slot a Quick Access Sling mod, and this will allow you to run a bow and other primary combo. You land your first shot with the bow and then hot swap to your second weapon to clean up the kill.

For those who were not able to get Point of the Stag last season, you can get yourself a similar roll on Whispering Slab. While Point of the Stag has the option to interchange perks, Whispering Slab will have only 2 perks. The perks you want to look for are Archers Tempo and Vorpal Weapon. This will allow you to easily shut down supers and allow you to deal more damage to bosses and champions.

Whispering Slab Destiny 2
My roll on Whispering Slab

My roll

My current roll on Whispering Slab took me a while to get. Quickdraw allows me to easily swap weapons and be ready for engagements when I am using my secondary energy weapon. Then Swashbuckler, since its addition in Season of the Drifter. Its damage can stack up to 5 times and its full capabilities can be activated by a melee kill. Swashbuckler is best paired with a one-shot melee like a Titan shoulder charge, or the Hunter’s weighted knife on the Gunslinger subclass.

With this bow being a Lightweight Frame, you can notice a small difference in mobility. The one thing I do not enjoy on my roll is the masterwork. A masterwork in Reload Speed is not my favorite on bows. I would have much rather gotten a masterwork in Draw Time or Accuracy. The bow already has super high hip-fire accuracy and maxing that out a little bit more with an Accuracy masterwork would not hurt.

Final thoughts

Bows like Whispering Slab are still not in the best possible spot in Destiny 2, and often times I feel like you are at an disadvantage using one. However, having a bow like Whispering Slab in the vault doesn’t hurt, and can be useful when paired with Overload Arrowheads in higher end activities.

It’s also a strong possibility that we will see more bow mods coming from future Seasonal Artifacts.

A full list of perks and possible rolls for Whispering Slab can be found on Stick around with SQUAD for more Destiny 2 news and content!

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